Who is Xavier Dolan dating? Does he have a girlfriend?

March 30, 2016
First published on:March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Who is our Canadian actor plus director Xavier Dolan dating? Does he have a girlfriend?

Well the handsome hunk like Dolan does not have to worry about getting a girl but unfortunately pretty girls are out of luck. Dolan is officially gay. He even cleared to the audience about being his movie ‘I killed my mother’ his semi-autobiography.

So, Dolan does not have a girlfriend and neither did he reveal anything about his boyfriends. He obviously might have been reported to have some on and off girlfriends before he discovered his sexuality but apparently he doesn’t seem to be in a relationship.

He has been secretive about his personal life right from the beginning. He probably is against the media splashing the celebrities’ personal affair in their front page.

The actor is basically active in twitter and Instagram, but he has not revealed about his relationship status yet.

You know some celebrities do not want to be popular on the ground of relationship gossips and he must be one of them. So apparently he might be single but as already mentioned, he does not like to openly share his personal life, the might not be singe either.

While other need a lot of experience to make one best movie, Dolan on the other hand has already become a legend at his young age of 27. His movies are raw as an open wound. They are realistic and many of the audiences can find themselves in the character in one way or other.

He shared that the legendary movie ‘Titanic’ has influenced him to enter in the film industry. I Killed My Mother, Heartbeats (Les Amours imaginaires), Laurence Anyways, Mommy etc are some of hit movies which he has directed as of 2014. Among them, Mommy was his greatest hit and definitely helped to increase his net worth.

Dolan is said to be very friendly and knows how to make the working environment pleasant. He is well known for experimenting with acting and direction skills. He shared with ‘Timeout’ about something like that.

He said, “Often when I watch a film with a weak performance, I feel like an actor had great ideas and maybe their director was awestruck by their name or something. I know my actors in real life. I know who they are, and I use that as a tool, because it’s useful to know how someone laughs in life or how someone cries. And then you can help push them a little further away from who they are in real life, because acting isn’t about surprising other people—it’s about surprising yourself. And me.”

He further added, “I feel that I have a natural inclination towards the characters who are in the exact same sort of position. Women are like gay men, trying to fit into society that is a space that is shaped for [heterosexual] men” in the same interview.

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