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Who is Vanessa Branch dating? Is she married?

April 6, 2016
First published on:April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Being a PlayStation fanboy I loved playing games on my PS3. So, when I was playing this game Dante’s Inferno, I thought it was a good game. When I saw the character Beatrice, it was absolutely stunning. The character was beautiful and seemed like a real person. “The voice actress did a good job”, I thought to wonder if she was at hot as Beatrice. “Whoever she is, she must be hot”, I deduced sheerly from her voice. So I looked it up. It was the chick from Pirates of the Caribbean. The prostitute that slaps Jack Sparrow, err.. I mean Captain Jack Sparrow.

This 43 years old model plus actor was once Crowned Miss Vermont in 1994 and participated in 1995 Miss America Beauty Pageant.  That alone is enough to prove her beauty and appeal. Albeit being her forties, she still looks very much young. Her body and figures look godly and with that height, she looks absolutely alluring.

Regarding her dating life, it seems she is as secretive as she is beautiful. There is no information about her personal life on the internet. She has not disclosed much either. We don’t know if she is currently having an affair with someone or not. Being so beautiful, she must have lots of guys all over her and she must have dated quite a few guys. None of her boyfriend's names has been revealed and it seems she wants to keep it that way.

People are still questioning about her sexuality. It does not seem that she is lesbian. Not having any dating record does not make one homosexual. Period! 

It seems that she is not yet married or divorced. She does not have any children and she has not adopted any. She also has not disclosed any quality that she might want from a potential husband.

Vanessa is widely known for her advertisement of Orbit white chewing gum and has become iconic in North America.

Despite her parents being both British, she holds dual citizen of US and UK and able to speak French and Mandarin Chinese fluently.

Vanessa has appeared in a horror movie 51, although the film was underrated critics believe that Vanessa did a pretty good job.

As an actress, Vanessa is a perfectionist. She had stated in an interview how she loved acting in movies and TV shows and shows her desire to be in one.  Regardless of the impact of character, she is playing in the story or the importance, Vanessa tries to improvise. She likes to play new roles that are different from her.

I love playing CHARACTERS.  People who are VERY different from me, who are more extreme, that physically you wouldn’t picture me playing. Not always but most of the time.  It’s a kind of thing that happens when I read a part I just know if it sparks in me.  I either feel kind of bored or extremely excited and that’s when I know that I respond to it and want to play it.”

Her net worth is still under review and has not been disclosed but considering her profession and her fame, we assume that it is around a million dollar or so.

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