Who is TV Personality John Basedow dating currently? Know his affairs and relationship

There are no words to define John Beddow. John is a multi-talented personality. He has left a mark in everything he does. He is best known as television personality, author, model as well as motivational speaker. Recently, he is rising for his fitness Video series. Here, find out who is John Basedow dating.

John has featured health, lifestyle, fitness, entertainment news almost everything and remained successfully in the industry. However, his personal life is not much known. So, let’s focus on his personal life for now.

Who is John Basedow dating currently?

John's professional life has gained a huge popularity that his personal life is not overlooked. Or we can say he does not want to give us any kind of hint on his personal life. Either way, he manages to keep his stuff with him. Being a global personality, he has many fans and they want to know his relationship status.


These days John seems to be everywhere on TV but that’s because of his fitness lessons. John has maintained his low profile private life. It’s not like he doesn't post pictures with girls on social medias. It’s really hard to guess who he is dating at the moment.

John’s posts are related to his workplace. He updates every single meeting he attends and always seems to be with a different girl. We cannot claim that he is dating everyone of them just because he posts pictures very often.




Is John Basedow Gay?

It’s obvious that public will point a question to the celebrity if very less is known about their private life. So what do you think, Is John Basedow gay? No, he is straight and denies all gay rumors. Neither, he goes out with male friends. He rarely posts the picture with male friends so we can say he is pretty straight.

Some sites claim that he is a married man but its really hard to believe. He has never been spotted with his wife and children. So, to say he is married we do not have any proof.

We can say John is a career oriented guy and is giving all his time in fitness training. He does things that are helpful for the public. We hope to hear John’s personal life by himself.