Who is Topper Mortimer Dating after his Divorce? Know about his Current Affairs and Relationships.

An American nationality Topper Mortimer is best known for being the ex-husband of star Tinsley Mortimer. Now that he has divorced with his ex-wife, he is coming into the limelight with his current dating stories. Let's unravel about Topper's current affairs and relationships.

Topper is also known for belonging to one of the wealthiest family and an heir to the Standard Oil Fortune. He is also recognized by his birth name Robert Livingston Mortimer. The 41-years-old Mortimer is believed to be romantically linked with a girl after his divorce. Let's find out.

Topper Mortimer dating after his divorce

Topper who was featured on The Post's list as the most eligible bachelors in the city was found to be dating Meredith Ostrum currently. Meredith is an American actress known for playing Nick Rhodes Girlfriend. The couple was spotted several times whether it's a dinner date or cocktail party. Looks like Topper is back in town.

Topper Mortimer and Meredith Ostrum Topper Mortimer and Meredith Ostrum   Source: Famous Fix

The new couple was spotted at Brinkley canoodling and dancing all night at Southside. And these lovebirds were also seen together attending KAGENO Summer cocktail party at Mang Lang Gallery on June 22, 2010, in New York City.

Topper Mortimer was married to Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer is known as an American socialite and television personality. Topper and Tinsley are the high school sweethearts. Yes, the couple met each other way before when they were 18-years-old and were studying at Lawrenceville School.

The pair who fell in love at a young age became inseparable and got married on May 4, 2002. They officially shared their vows with a grand wedding ceremony among their friends and family in Richmond, Virginia. However, Topper and Tinsley got divorced and the couple split in 2009.

Topper Mortimer with his ex-wife Tinsley Mortimer Topper Mortimer with his ex-wife Tinsley Mortimer Source: New York Social Diary

The Mortimers are not together now and according to the report, tension aroused between the husband and wife while Topper did not support Tinsley's socialite status. This is said to be the primary reason for the couple to depart away.

According to Topper's wiki, Tinsley allegedly got into a relationship with a German aristocrat Prince Casimir “Casi” Wittgenstein-Sayn before her divorce with Topper which also turned out to be another reason for their divorce.

Surprisingly, Topper was found making an Instagram post on May 4, 2016, with a caption "Just realized today is my anniversary, No longer married but still my great friend.” This statement reflects the maturity of Topper and the couple having a healthy relationship even after their divorce.