Who is the mother of actor Hal Sparks' son Camden? Is it his girlfriend Summer Soltis??

HitBerryPublished on   25 Aug, 2015Updated on   25 Aug, 2015

Hal Sparks, popular for his character Zoltan in ‘Dude where my car is’ is a comedian and the youngest ever game show host is the United States. Hal has also been featured in TV shows, out of which his most popular character is in lab Rats as Donald Davenport.

Despite being extremely popular, Hal’s personal life has been kept completely private. As far we know, his only known girlfriend was Summer Soltis. He hasn’t been engaged or signed onto a matrimonial contract so far. There aren’t even any rumors about Hal having married or of him having a wife so far. However, he does have a son named Camden Harrison Sparks. So, the question is who is Camden’s mother?

Camden’s mother is still unknown to the world. However, there have been speculations that Summer is indeed Camden’s biological mother. But this report has not been confirmed by Sparks or Soltis, who wish to keep this matter strictly private. Some sources have even stated that Hal’s son was delivered by a surrogate mother.

Hal began his life as a comedian at an early age and he had a lot of success as Chicago funniest teenager. His professional stream is Radio and he has a radio show, ‘The Hal Sparks’ radio program, which is broadcasted worldwide. Along with radio he has done a number of stints in TV with the talk show, ‘Talk Show’.

Hal is also known for being one of the first celebrities to be features in Vh1. He currently works as a commentator in many of the channels programs. Apart from being a commentator, Sparks has earned himself several cameos in movies like ‘Dude Where’s my Car’, ‘Extract’, and ‘Spider- man 2’.

Sparks is an activist and is progressive in his field. He is a contributing political blogger for the Huffington Post and participates actively with organizations such as Aids Walk, Marijuana Policy Project, and Farm Sanctuary.

Sparks is nearing his golden jubilee as he is 46 years of age.  As of yet, he has no plans of retiring. He has even said that, in show business, you don’t retire. Hal is very proud of his sobriety and has never indulged in alcoholic beverages.

He has been an avid enthusiast of martial arts and hold black belts in Karate, Tae kwon do and Wushu. He even has a five foot bronze statue of the Chinese God of martial arts, Kwan Gun, in his living room. Other than martial arts, Hal is a musician by nature and can play six different instruments. He is the lead singer of the rock and Zero1 and also contributes with the Los Angles cover band Steel Dragon.

He loves to travel and has visited many South East Asian countries along with a few European cities and speaks fluent Chinese mandarin. He is a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the major league baseball team. The pirates have adapted the iconic Zoltan hand gesture as a good luck symbol for the team and Hal was called in to throw the game’s first honorary pitch.

If ever one is interested to know Hal’s day to day musing, they can do so by following him on twitter @HalSparks.