Who is Tessa Ferrer dating? What does she look for in a boyfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   17 Mar, 2016Updated on   18 May, 2021

Rumors have it, Grey’s Anatomy star Tessa Ferrer is not a single woman anymore. The fans who were introduced to the hot American actress through 2008 short film, Pauline has been very excited to know who exactly she is dating. However she herself has not revealed her the name of her partner, which has led to wild speculations concerning who her boyfriend could be.

It is rumored that Ferrer could be dating her Grey’s Anatomy co-star, Martin Henderson. The two got very close to each other during the filming of the show, which was also evident during the social events related to the show.  There were even rumors that the two had introduced each other to their parents, hoping to get their blessings over the relationship they wanted to develop.

Despite the rumors, both Ferrer or Henderson have neither confirmed neither denied the rumors,  so nothing can  yet be said for certain. Given that the actress is already 29 years from age, it won’t be long  before her fans find out  whether she gets married to  Henderson or not.

The actress has revealed in several of her interviews that she is on a look out for somebody who is mature and can support her career.  She has also made it clear that she only considers dating someone who belongs to same age group as her. In her interview, she has also stated whether her husband to be comes from an acting background or not doesn’t make any difference. Intelligence is reportedly a big turn on for her.

Ferrer is considered among the hottest actresses active in Hollywood today. With height of nearly 6 ft, she appears very pleasing to the eyes. She also has a very attractive figure.  Many of her male fans also find her feet to be very sexy.

Ferrer is the daughter of singer Debby Boone. She claims that the exposure to entertainment industry from the young age, is what inspired her to be an actress.  The first movie in which she played was released in 2008. Some of the movies in which she has performed in are ‘Ramlin’ around’ Go for Sisters’ and ‘Modern Mad Men’.  Ferrer has also made appearance in TV shows like ‘Extant’ and ‘You’re the Worst.’

The actress keeps herself away from social media sites and cannot be followed on Twitter or Facebook. This has made things difficult for her fans who wants to be updated about the latest happening in her life.

 Most of Ferrer’s earning comes from the salary she gets for her acting credits. It is understood she received good Paycheck for her performance as the lead character in 10th season of the show.  Her net worth remained unrevealed at the moment.