Who is Teairra Marí's boyfriend? Know about her Affairs and Relationship

February 10, 2017
First published on:February 10, 2017
by HitBerry

Teairra Mari, an American singer, songwriter, model and an actress; she is now 29 years old. Mari’s career is golden as she doesn't have many falls and is ascending to the ladder of success.

Her taste in romance seems quite wide. She has been with many men since 2006. Let’s know who she has been with till now and the bond between Mari and her boyfriends.

Teairra Mari in a fashion event


Teairra Mari affairs and dating history.

Speaking of Teairra Mari’s first boyfriend, William Ray Norwood Jr, who is widely known as Ray J is also a singer, songwriter, and an actor. Teairra Mari and Ray J were in a relationship in 2006. Soon the couple broke up.

Teairra Mari and Ray J


But their relationship didn't come to the end as they patched up even after their split. The couple frequently posted about their love life in 2014 on social medias. You might be surprised to know that rumors were going on that Mari is pregnant with Ray J’s baby. This turned out to be just a rumor nothing more than that and the couple split again in the same year.

In 2007, Mari was dating Pleasure P Cooper, American singer. Their relation came to an end in 2009. The couple didn't have any other rumors and patch ups later.

Teairra Mari and Pleasure Cooper in Tank's party


Mari is found to have more interest in singers. Maybe that’s the reason why she has dated many singers. She dated Lil Wayne, who is obviously one of the most talented rappers nowadays. She was in relation with Lil Wayne for 2 years and nine months. Mari says that Lil Wayne was very charming but a cheater. 

Watch the video to know what Mari thought about the relationship with Lil Wayne.

Mari also dated Laz Alonso, American actor in the year 2009 but this was very short term relationship which came to an end soon. In the same year she also dated Shad Moss, American singer, but after a year the couple broke up.

In 2014, Yung Berg was in a relationship with Mari. Yung Berg says that he regrets making alleged affair with Teairra Mari public. He says that he didn't even have sex with Mari when they were in a relationship. But i don't know what this means, celebrities are really difficult to read, ya know.

Yung Berg


However, Teairra Mari is single nowadays after having six relationships with different singers and actors. We didn't get any kind of proofs which could claim that she has been dating someone as we went through her Instagram and twitter account. 

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