Who is Sunlen Serfaty? Know all the interesting facts about her affairs and relationship

September 15, 2017
First Published On: July 21, 2017
by HitBerry

Sunlen Serfaty is a national correspondent for CNN based in Washington, D.C. Under her portfolio is a broad diversity of national news, breaking news, and Washington politics.

Sunlen prefers focusing on her work more than her personal life thus she is a private person when it comes to her love affairs. Although the sources have been able to find out that she is a married woman.

Sunlen Serfaty is married to Alexis Leigh Serfaty

Alexis is a policy adviser at the office of secretary, United States Department of Transportation. Beauty with brain Sunlen at the age of 32 has tied her knot to her long-term boyfriend Alexis Serfaty in 2013. From the wiki of Sunlen says that the couple got married in the first place they met at the Rose Park in Georgetown. They held a beautiful wedding ceremony along with close friends and family.


Sunlen Serfaty is married to Alexis Leigh Serfaty Sunlen Serfaty is married to Alexis Leigh Serfaty  Source: The Washington Post

Now the couple is married for five years and their relationship is still going really strong. Till the date, No rumors of fights, or disputes or divorce are yet received from them. It looks like they are immensely happy with one another and living a happily married life.

Sunlen Serfaty and Alexis Leigh Serfaty's first encounter

Surprisingly, Sunlen and Alexis had their first encounter at the place where they got married. Yes, they saw each other for the first time at Rose Park in Georgetown while Sulen was with one of her girlfriends and she luckily knew Alexis. After meeting through their mutual friend, they started chatting and calling each other for a while and fell in love with each other. Then they had their first date at Firefly at Dupont, Sunlen got impressed by Alexis's amazing personality. She even explained how she felt the first time she met her husband Alexis;

It was a flirty, sarcastic banter that challenged me. The challenge was intriguing and attracted me in,

Sunlen Serfaty Sunlen Serfaty   Source: CNN.com 

After their first date, Sunlen went off covering extensively for the election of Obama which departed these two souls for a while and they lost touch. While the campaign was coming to an end in 2008, Sunlen herself called Alexis for their second date at the Tabard Inn. After their second beautiful date, the pair became inseparable and eventually got married.