Who is Stephen Dillane Married to? Know about his Married Life and Children

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There are very fewer people who have not watched Game of Thrones, I guess so. Remember Stannis Baratheon from Game of Thrones? Yes, he is Stephen John Dillane. He is an English actor who is best known for Leonard Woolf from The Hours, Thomas Jefferson from John Adams.

His amazing and realistic performances in the movies have actually made many people attracted towards him. As Stephen is 59 years old, people are keen to know about whether the very talented actor is married or not. If he is not married then is he dating anyone else? Check it out right below…

Is Stephen Dillane Married?

If you are particularly searching whether Stephen Dillane is married or not, then the straightforward answer is NO. He is not married yet. Even though he has been sharing a very long time relationship with British Actress Naomi Wirthner, he is still an unmarried man. Naomi also manages a theater company, Barebones Project. It looks like their love bond is much stronger than any marital bond.

Stephen Dillane

Stephen Dillane

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Stephen Dillane and Naomi Wirthner's Relationship

You will be amazed to know that Stephen Dillane and Naomi Wirthner has been dating for around 29 years and still counting. According to whosdatedwho, the couple started dating since 1988. It's really amazing to see their bond so strong, isn't it?

Also, till the date, there is no any kind of separation news ever published in the media. There are no any controversies of the couple ever talked about. When Stephen was asked about his love of the life, he simply answered Naomi. Wow! Romantic!

What or who is the love of your life? 

Naomi Writhner

Naomi Writhner

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Stephen Dillane and Naomi Wirthner's Children

Yes, you got it right, even though the couple is not married yet, they share two children together. The couple is blessed with two children in total. Naomi gave birth to their child, son, Frank Dillane on April 21, 1991. He is now known to an English actor. Seamus Dillane is the name of their second son.

Stephen Dillane's son Frank Dillane

Stephen Dillane's son Frank Dillane

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Stephen Dillane's Son Frank Dillane

Stephen's son Frank Dillane is also an English actor who is best known for playing Nick Clark in Fear the Walking Dead, Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and Henry Coffin in “In the Heart of the Sea”. When Frank Dillane was interviewed about his father, he replied that he tried to avoid his father’s show Game of Thrones:

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"I try not to watch that [Game of Thrones] for a few reasons. My father is such an amazing, beautiful actor. He's incredible and he helps me a lot. "

"We do a lot of work together - we read plays together and he helped me to get into drama school. But I've found now if I watch him too much, he 'steals' me.  I've found that I have to slowly distance myself from that teacher-pupil relationship and see him as an equal. Whenever I watch him, I am amazed at how brilliant he is, and it makes me doubt myself. So I have to be careful."

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Frank Dillane has already marked his journey in the industry and now already known to be an amazing English actor. He is believed to be following the footsteps of his father.