Who is Stephanie Ortiz?Know about her Married Life and Relationship

The beautiful actress Stephanie Ortiz is best known for The Love Position, A kiss of Chaos and The Grasslands. However, today in this section, we will not be talking about her movies and her professional success but about her married life and relationship. 


If you want to know in detail about Stephine Ortiz's relationship status and whether she's single, married or in a relationship; you landed in a perfect place. As we are about to deal all of her personal aspect in details.

Is Stephnie Ortiz Single?

Besides her professional life, she doesn't prefer to share much of her personal life and family related information to the public. However, no star has ever escaped the wave of paparazzi, hence we have tried to collect some of the hidden facts about her personal life on today's column. 

CAPTION: Stephanie Ortiz
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While any guy would love to date her, Stephanie Ortiz remains single and focused more than ever at her career. However, she was rumored to be married once, is it true? Or was it just a rumor? Scroll down below to know the truth.

Stephnie Ortiz Married 

Stephnie Ortiz has never ever been involved in any kind of relationship but she was rumored to be married once.  If you want to know who she was rumored to be married to then here is the revelation.

Her previous husband is none other than the famous male celebrity Don Lemon and they were rumored to be secretly married to one another.

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This rumor shook the whole industry and people but was later falsified by both the actors.

CAPTION: Stephaine Ortiz focusing on shaping her body rather than making a boyfriend
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You might be thinking how can we say that they were not married? We actually we have another proof to support the above-mentioned fact. Don Lemon is actually "Gay". He revealed it in his new book "Transparent".

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In July 2011, Don came out of the closet and finally revealed his sexuality via his Autobiographic book. Don even revealed that he was abused by some young defendants of the Bishop during his Pedophile lawsuit in the book.

So, it looks like the couple was never really married. However, looking into her Twitter account we found a tweet that made us doubt that she might have a husband. 

CAPTION: Stephanie tweets about her husband SOURCE: Twitter

Well, we can not be sure and only she knows the truth! It might as well be a joke pulled out on her fans with precision. Single people also joke about marriage, don't they? But on the other hand, she might be married secretly. But then again, why would she post such tweet if all this was a secret? 

So, now it's all up to you to judge, and please let us know if something comes up! Till then, keep scrolling pages from hitberry.