Who is Sophie Simmons dating currently? Know in detail about her Affairs and Relationship

Sophie Simmons who is famous for being a daughter of KISS frontman Gene Simmons takes her dad as a hero. But besides that, who is her prince charming? Who has she been dating currently? Know everything in detail below.

She is also famous for being involved in X-factor. However, she had a hard time when she was eliminated from the show. Sad Sophie then met his prince charming who encouraged her to move forward without worrying about anything. If you want to know who he was and how long have they been dating, keep on scrolling.

Sophie Simmons boyfriend

The aspiring singer started dating Christopher James at around the year 2013. Even though they didn’t share their dating life on any media, they were seen vacationing in places which showed that they were surely dating. On September 2013, the couple was seen having a romantic time in Hawaii. They were seen having a great time together as you can see in the following picture.

Sophie having fun with James in Hawaii Sophie having fun with James in Hawaii, Source: Daily Mail

Unfortunately, the couple got separated at around a year later. Again, this breakup was not publicized on any social media, we just had to know it by ourselves. At the start of the year 2015, Sophie again appeared with a more toned body and looked a lot skinnier than what she was when she was dating James.

Sophie Simmons before and after she lost her weight Sophie Simmons before and after she lost her weight, Source: Daily Mail

In an interview taken with her during that time she shared with the media how she transformed her bikini body. She must have decided to lose this huge weight which was lowering her confidence; It was also rumored that her ex-boyfriend broke up with Sophie because of her weight issue. After she lost those pounds, they have never been seen together again, so all we can say is "good riddance Sophie".

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Is Sophia Simmons married?

During Simmons’s audition on X-Factor, she showed off her diamond ring on her ring finger. Everyone assumed that she was married or at least engaged as the ring was cute, simple and small. The whole world thought that she was engaged secretly. But you will be shocked by hearing what she revealed later.

Sophie Simmons showing off her ring on X factor Sophie Simmons showing off her ring on X factor, Source: Celebrity Laundry 

When asked about the ring on an interview, she said,

It’s actually my mother’s ring. I wear it for good luck sometimes.

Thus, now we can confirm that she is neither married nor engaged yet. She seems to be focusing on her career more and has not mentioned anything about a guy in her life. Well, it is obvious that she will find someone worthy of her love sometime soon, so it is good that she is not hurrying on making a boyfriend.