Who is Sophia Loren? Widow of Carlo Ponti; know her Children

HitBerryPublished on   17 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Sophia Loren is a renowned Italian film actress and a singer. She is popular for her role in the movies like Houseboat, That Kind of Woman, and many others.

She is the first artist to win an Oscar for a foreign-language performance. All of us are known about her career but what about her relationship status? Is she married or single?

Sophia Loren and her Husband?

Sophia Loren is a widow and is living a single life. The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win the battle we know nothing about. Same goes for Sophia here. After the death of her husband Carlo Ponti, she didn't want any kinda relationship after that.

Sophia Loren Sophia Loren
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On 12 November 2014, she opens her heart about husband Carlo who she met when she was 15 and he was 37. She told that

 'He was the love of my life and like a father'

They both met each other when Sophia was 15 and Carlo was 37 and after being in link with each other the couple decided to take their relationship to next level. Finally, in 1966, Sophia and Carlo bound the knot in a civil wedding in Sevres, France. In recent days Sophia Loren is evoking loving remembrances of how she fell in love with the most important man in her life, late husband Carlo Ponti.

sophia loren and carlo ponti Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti
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During the talk with daily-mail she said:

I was content to be lucky enough to finally have someone beside me who knew how to speak to me, who could give me advice, who supported me in the parts I chose, which is crucial when an actor is just starting out

Sophia Loren children and past affairs

The lovebirds were married for 41 years and because of pulmonary complications, her late husband Carlo Ponti died and after she was not found being linked with any guys. The lovebirds were married for 41 years and have two sons together Carlo Fortunato and Edoardo.

Sophia Loren family Sophia Loren family
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Reportedly Sophia dating rumor was with Cary Grant before she got married to Carlo Ponti. Cary Grant real name was Archibald Alexander Leach and he was the famous star from the United States. They began dating each other when both were starring together in The Pride and the Passion.