Who is Shantel VanSanten dating currently? Know about her affairs and relationship

Shantel VanSanten is a rising American model and actress. The American aspiring model Shantel made her recognition as Quinn James in the CW teen drama series One Tree Hill. She also worked as a model for various magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen. On deck, reveal who is Shantel Vansanten dating currently.

After giving one and a half decade in acting, Shantel gained a good reputation as an actress. Now, her fans and public show their curiousness on her personal life. So, who is she dating currently? Is she married? Or she is searching for a good time yet? Let's find out.a

Who is Shantel VanSanten dating? Know about their romantic affair

In Hollywood, hundreds of new actors come in search for their good future. But not everyone can achieve what they want. As the actors and media workers become famous, people start to search for their personal life. There, we can see various actors being engaged in love affairs. So, who is Shantel VanSanten dating?

Famous American model and actress Shantel VanSanten Famous American model and actress Shantel VanSanten, Source: theflash.wikia.com

Well, we came to know that the gorgeous American diva Shantel is dating John Fletcher. Shantel's not among those celebrities who love to keep their personal life far from media. She makes her fans frequently aware of her relation with her boyfriend John.

The adorable couple Shantel VanSantel and John Fletcher The adorable couple Shantel VanSantel and John Fletcher, Source: pinterest.com

John, a handsome British actor and American actress Shantel first met during their show The Messengers. It's the American television series, aired on The CW during the 2014-15 season.

Source: Instagram

The rumor about their love affair started to swirl around media in September 2015 after they were spotted together in Paris. If we follow the couple on their social sites then we'll come to know how much they love each other. They both often share their photos via their Instagram.

After spending quite long time with each other, they haven't still thought about their marriage. The lovely couple still has time to think about getting together. But their fans are eager to see their celebrities as a married couple. We have to still wait for sometimes to see this.

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Shantel VanSanten's Previous Affairs

It's not unusual to have more than one affair for Hollywood celebrities. Likewise, actress Shantel also had few love relations before she started her affair with John. Shantel started to date her boyfriends from her twenties. Check out her boyfriends.

Actress Shantel's first boyfriend was Michael Johnson. He's an American football player of 30. Shantel began her affair with Johnson during 2008. During that time, she's still struggling for her better future in acting.

Michael Jonson and Shantel VanSanten Michael Jonson and Shantel VanSanten, Source: zimbio.com

After dating for about a year, the couple started to become apart. Their lovely relation slowly went faded and they finally ended their relation in 2009. After their break up, they both took their own pathway.

A year later, actress Shantel again found her love. She then built her relation with the well-known American actor James Lafferty. The lovebirds began dating each other since June 2009. Shantel, however, couldn't remain in the relation for a long time either. After dating boyfriend James for about 11 months, she broke up him.

The ex-love couple Shantel VanSanten and James Lafferty The ex-love couple Shantel VanSanten and James Lafferty, Source: whosdatedwho.com

Apart from these three love relations, Shantel also had another love affair. Shantel dated her fellow actor from the TV series One Tree Hill. His name's Robert Buckley. Their relation gained various reviews from the public. The couple officially remained in the relation.

Actress Shantel VanSanten and Actor Robert Buckley Actress Shantel VanSanten and Actor Robert Buckley, Source: pinterest.com

Some sources reported that it's only a rumor. But upon seeing their Instagram posts, we can't deny the fact that they're girlfriend-boyfriend. They're one of the love-couples from the series One Tree Hill. But they also left the relation after dating for few years.