Who is Sergio Aguero's girlfriend? Know all the details about his married life and divorce

HitBerryPublished on   09 Jun, 2017Updated on   18 May, 2021

Sergio Aguero; a professional Argentine footballer; playing as a striker for English club Manchester City, and the Argentine National team. Besides his magical skills in football, he is also known for marrying the Argentine legend Diego Maradona's daughter. So, find out who is Sergio Aguero's girlfriend.

The 29-year-old Manchester City striker couldn't have his married life as good as his football career. Aguero remained in the relation for about five years, and during the time, they gave birth to a baby boy. On today's episode know about his current girlfriend.

Who is Sergio Aguero's girlfriend? Know his Romantic Relation with her

The veteran Argentine footballer Aguero is currently dating his girlfriend Karina Tejeda. Karina is the 28-year-old Argentine singer famous in Argentina as La Princesita. Singer Karina is popular in her nation as a Cumbia singer while her fame reached the peak after she started dating Aguero.

Footballer Sergio Aguero's current girlfriend Karina Tejeda Footballer Sergio Aguero's current girlfriend Karina Tejeda, Source: taringa.net

According to all the sources, Aguero and Karina started dating back in 2013. Soon after Aguero's divorce with his wife Giannina Maradona, the news of his affair with Karina took the limelight. The couple recently celebrated their fourth anniversary in January 2017. On celebrating his fourth anniversary with girlfriend Karina, he escaped his on-pitch woes.


The couple usually goes out for dates whenever they get free time. Ever since they began dating in 2013, they've been spotted having romantic times together in different places across the world. In 2016, Aguero was spotted spending his vacations in Miami. He got there with his family and girlfriend Karina where he indulged fishing.

Sergio Aguero with his girlfriend Karina Tejeda in Miami Sergio Aguero with his girlfriend Karina Tejeda in Miami, Source: dailymail.co.uk

After spending four long years together, they still have no plans on getting married. Possibly, the 28-year-old Argentine star would plan about his marriage and children with Karina a little later.

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Sergio Aguero's Marriage and Divorce with Wife Giannina Maradona

The Argentine forward started his relation with Hand of God, Maradona's youngest daughter Giannina while he was playing with the Spanish club, Athletico Madrid. He was only 19 as he got linked seriously with Giannina. After dating for around 6 months, the lovebirds engaged in May 2008.

Sergio Aguero and his ex-wife Giannina Maradona Sergio Aguero and his ex-wife Giannina Maradona, Source: superwags.com

They were together for over three years after their engagement in 2008. During this period, the duo also welcomed their son Benjamin Leonel together.

Sergio Aguero with his ex-wife Giannina Maradona and son Benjamin Sergio Aguero with his ex-wife Giannina Maradona and son Benjamin, Source: mirror.co.uk

Aguero and Giannina's relation started getting worse after 2011, and then within a few months, their mutual feud reached the irreconcilable stage. Afterward, they began living separately and officially announced their split in 2012.


Sometime later, Aguero revealed how he had to struggle after the split with his wife. Moreover, she also took their son back to Buenos Aires which affected him in lots of ways. And on the other hand, Maradona labeled Aguero as 'a wimp' on the day he turned 53 in 2013. It must have been a crazy time for the star...