Who is S. Epatha Merkerson dating? She was previously married to Toussaint L. Jones.

HitBerryPublished on   03 Apr, 2016Updated on   28 Apr, 2021

American actress S. Epatha Merkerson was married to her ex-husband Toussaint L. Jones in the year 1994 and eventually divorced in 2006. Is she dating anyone currently? And the answer is a big no. We have seen her appearing in the episodes of various TV series recently and seem to be in a very tight schedule. How could she manage time for dating someone?  

We really don’t think in the age of 64 also someone has an urge of making boyfriend and enjoy dating. May be in her young days before her marriage, she had been in affair with different guys but now the stuffs like dating and boyfriend is not her cup of tea.

Even if she had been dating anyone then, obviously it would have been a gossip in the town. But we don’t know any media making such speculations about Merkerson’s boyfriend or dating.  Either she has not officially declared the matter.

American film, stage and television actress Merkerson is most remembered for her remarkable role as NYPD Lieutenant Anita Van Buren from 1993-2010 on the long running NBC police procedural drama series  Law and Order. She appeared in 391 episodes of the series more than any other cast members.

Merkerson has also been the host of a reality-reenactment series Find Our Missing on TV One which profiles missing people of color. In her career of 30 years she has been able to win the hearts of millions of people. We can see her thousands of followers in twitter.

Merkerson is not only a magnificent actress but she is a brave soul who has been able to overcome her nicotine addiction. Now she has a sound health and is an active advocate against smoking and frequently speaks up on lung cancer research and awareness on smoking illness.

It was difficult for Merkerson to quit smoking in her old days as her night ended with smoke and morning started with smoke too. She used to have a high dose up to 3packets per day. Though her sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, she could not leave smoking even after it. She had even seen her two best friends dying because of cancer which was a painful thing to see.

She had been a chain smoker for 23-years long and she finally ended it after that morning when she could not breathe. She even realized her dearest one’s death due to cigarette and ended it.

This iconic actress is also an acting professor at City College of New York.

Some of the TV movies include Navy Seals, Black Snake Moan, Tyler Perry Presents People, etc.

And she had acted in TV shows like Here and Now, A Place for Annie, Chicago Fire, etc.

Merkerson has achieved various awards for her efficient works and immense dedication towards acting. She has a net worth of $5 million.