Who Is Project Nightfall AKA Agon Hare Dating? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Many of you have seen viral and famous videos posted by Project Nightfall? Polish video blogger and motivational content creator Agon Hare is behind the world’s biggest channel, Project Nightfall, having millions of views and reaching millions of people.

Hare often uploads videos relating to saving lives by spreading awareness of sensitive topics around the world. So, who is Agon Hare dating currently? Is he single or dating someone? Know below:

Is Agon Hare Dating?

Well, it might break the hearts of many to know that the handsome hunk is currently taken. Hare is currently dating his girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet.

According to sources, the couple fell in love with each other right after their first meet. They first met in October 2020. During the time, Sonya joined as a new member of the team, Project Nightfall. Now, his partner works as a right hand and heart of operations and makes motivational content at Project Nightfall. The couple announced their relationship on 9th December 2020, after months of their romance rumors.

The pair has worked hard together to reach 10 million followers across the social media platforms of Project Nightfall. In an Instagram post, Sonya talked about their first meeting on how he had slightly over a million followers. She also praised her partner’s dedication and passion.

CAPTION: Agon is currently dating Sonya Mulkeet SOURCE: Instagram @sonya_mulkeet


In one of the videos, Hare recently revealed that he left the country to start new as he was addicted and had no purpose in life until he realized that he needed to change. Sonya has been beside him, supporting and helping him in the content.

Who Is Agon Hare’s Girlfriend?

Agon Hare’s girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet, is a famous content creator for Project Nightfall. She is also a social activist living in Singapore. She studied at Nanyang Technological University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Policy and Global Affairs.

According to Sonya’s LinkedIn profile, she was a student volunteer of Environment in St. Margaret’s Secondary School in December 2008. In June 2010, she was a student volunteer for Children in the same school.

As per her LinkedIn profile, in July 2013, she was a fundraiser for Serangoon Junior School. She has interned for three months in Kalco Law LLC. From January 2014 to Jun 2014, she interned for the Ministry of Education, Singapore. She worked as a communication coach for LCC Communication Cube for around a year and three months.

Sonya has two years and three months of experience in The Academic Workshop. She worked as an English and Literature Tutor for around a year and eight months, from January 2017 to August 2018.

In September 2018, Sonya started working as an associate consultant for Ambition. Four months later, she was promoted to the position of Consultant. From August 2019 to October 2019, she worked as a Senior Consultant for the company.

From October 2019 to October 2020, she worked as a Consultant for Ethos BeathChapman. She left Ethos BeathChapman to join Right Hand and Heart of Operations at Project Nightfall in October 2020.

The Couple Enjoyed a Double Date With Tessa Mac And Celinne Da Costa!

Hare and Sonya went on a double date with Tessa Mac and Celinne Da Costa. Celinne is a story alchemist, and Mac is a Los Angeles-based dating and mindset coach. They went on a double date in 2019. During the time, they were actually working on a TEDx Talks presentation of Hare.

Similarly, the couple also maintains a good friendship with other content creators like Arab-Israeli video blogger Nuseir Yassin AKA NAS Daily, and his girlfriend, Alyne Tamir. They even collaborated on 100 plus one-minute informative videos.

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