Who is Olivia Hussey married to? Know her married life and relationship

Olivia Hussy; a well-known figure in the entertainment world. She's an English-Argentine actress; rose to fame after she worked as Juliet in the widely hit movie Romeo and Juliet. One frequent thing people want to know about her is who Olivia Hussey married currently.

The gorgeous English actress Olivia currently lives a happy married life with her third husband. She also has three children from three different husbands. After remaining in two marital relations within 15 years, she spends a quite long time with her current husband.

Who is Olivia Hussey married to? Know her husband

The 66-year-old gorgeous English actress Olivia Hussey is currently married to David Glen Eisley. She married to husband David Glen in 1990. David is the son of the late great actor Anthony Eisley. The couple took no time to tie a knot after getting together in 1989.

An English actress Olivia Hussey An English actress Olivia Hussey, Source: fanpop.com

They shared a quite lot of good time with each other during their over a 25-year long relationship. Hussey and David Glen shared their first parenthood together in 1993. They then gave birth to a daughter named India Eisley. Later on, India also followed her parent's footmark and pursued her career in acting and she's one of the great emerging actresses of the world recently.

Olivia Hussey with her husband David Glen and daughter India Olivia Hussey with her husband David Glen and daughter India, Source: theapricity.com

On sharing 26-long years with each other the couple definitely faced some harsh situations. They possibly went through a lot of misunderstandings. But, keeping all these apart they always prioritized their relation the most and they managed to be happy with their company.

Olivia Hussey's previous marital relations 

The famous Romeo and Juliet actress Olivia reached 27 years while she married her first husband Dean Paul Martin. The couple first met in 1970 and dated for around a year before tying a knot in April 1971. Olivia celebrated motherhood for the first time in 1973 after two years of her marriage. She then gave birth to a son Alexander Gunther.

Dean Paul Martin and Olivia Hussey married Dean Paul Martin and Olivia Hussey married Source: pinterest.com

After remaining in the relation with her husband Martin for around seven long years, Olivia ended the relationship with him with a divorce. Their divorce finalized in the year 1978. Nine years later she divorced Martin, he died in a plane crash in California.

Olivia Hussey and her first husband Dean Martin Olivia Hussey and her first husband Dean Martin, Source: uk.pinterest.com

Other than an actor, Martin also was a great American Pilot. He took a pilot's license at the age of 16 and became an officer in the California Air National Guard in 1981. After seven years of association with the CANG, he lost his life in an airplane crash in California's San Bernardino Mountains.

Two years after she divorced her first husband Martin, Olivia married her second husband Akira Fuse. Akira's a famous music artist from Japan. They only spent about a month together before they became husband-wife.

Akira Fuse and Olivia Hussey Akira Fuse and Olivia Hussey

Olivia and Akira also celebrated their parenthood together during their happy relationship. They gave birth to a son named Max before they took divorce in 1989.