Who is Octavia Nasr? Is she still Single or Married? Know her Affairs and Relationship

Sam SmithPublished on   30 Jan, 2018Updated on   22 Apr, 2021

Octavia Nasr is a Lebanese-American journalist who covers the Middle Eastern affairs. She has also worked for CNN as a Senior Editor of the Mideast affairs for about 20 years. Most of us know her from her professional career, but many of her fans don’t have any idea about her personal life.

Former senior journalist of the CNN has never disclosed about her personal life in the media. Today we are going to reveal some of her personal details. If you are interested to know about her, then stay on this page.

Is Octavia Nasr married or still she is single?

Well as being a very famous journalist of America, she is successful in her career, but equally, she has been very silent when anyone talks about her personal life. She has always been secretive about her family life.

[ CAPTION: Family picture of Octavia Nasr ]

But after a long research through her social media platforms, we came to know that she is already a married woman. However, the name of her husband is still mysterious to us as she has not opened up about it.

[ CAPTION: Octavia celebrating father's day with her dad, husband, ]

If we make our way through her social media platforms, we can see her family picture with a post saying that “It’s a happy #father’s day with my dad, husband and our soon-to-be dad son-in-law.” So we can assume that the TV reporter is already married for a very long time.

How many children does she have?

Although she doesn’t prefer to talk much about her personal life in the media, she is very active on her social media platforms. She posts her family photos on such platforms very often. After going through all of her Instagram posts, we came to know that she shares two daughters.

[ CAPTION: Octavia's daughters]

After looking at the photos of her two daughters, it can be seen that both of her daughters are all grown up. One of them has already gotten married, while the other one has still not found the love of her life. The married daughter of Octavia has made her a grandmother as she has conceived a beautiful baby child.

[ CAPTION: Octavia with her grandchild ]

All in all, we can say that Octavia Nasr who is famous for her career, has not even uttered a single word about her personal life to the media. However, with all of the digging ins, we have found out that the TV personality is already a married woman with a mysterious husband. Also, she seems to be happy with her two children, one of them had already married.