Who is Nicholas Pinnock? Is he still Single or Married? Know about his Affairs and Relationship

January 17, 2018
First Published On: January 17, 2018

Nicholas Pinnock, Counterpart and Monsters: Dark Continent star is a brilliant actor. So no doubt the 44-year-old Brit stud of Jamaican origin has millions of fans and his fans are dying over to know whether the handsome hunk is married or still dating.

You might wonder if he is a fan of anyone?  If you don't want to miss all the exciting stories about his romantic relationships, don't go anywhere.

Nicholas Pinnock and Jessica Raine

If you remember, Nicholas Pinnock gave an outstanding performance as a young Nelson Mandela in the ITV docudrama Mandela: The Prison Years.

Apart from being an actor, he is also a poet. Not as a hobby, but he takes poetry seriously. Actually, Pinnock started writing when he began having depression. It actually helped him cope with it without him realizing that.

[ CAPTION: Nicholas Pinnock Interview for Fortitude Premiere ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

When he is not working, he is writing poems. In fact, Pinnock is working on publishing a book. When will that be ready? He says,

"It’s all a work in progress."

We have to wait to know if he is a really good writer. Now back to the question, is the poet and actor have some girl secretly locked in his heart? 

Nicholas is, as a matter of fact, married to Jessica Raine while he is having an affair with another girl. Yes, guys, he is! Hey, relax! We meant in drama, not in reality. We got you wondering for a second, right?

[ CAPTION: Nicholas Pinnock as Ian Shaw in Counterpart ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Actually, Nicholas plays as Frank Sutter, husband of Jules Sutter played by Raine in the sky1 drama Fortitude.

Nicholas and Tamzin Pictured Locked in Each Other's Arms

As far as sources confirm, Nicholas Pinnock has no girlfriend. The actor who plays Hannibal in Barbarians Rising is unbelievably single. However, he seems very close with Tamzin Outhwaite, former Eastenders star.

[ CAPTION: Nicholas as Hannibal in Barbarians Rising ][ SOURCE: ourweekly.com ]

It's no new news that actors are linked with their co-actors. Outhwaite is not his co-star but knows each other from years of acting.

Apparently, when Tamzin just separated from her former husband back in 2013, Nicholas was there by her side to support her. They were pictured locked in each other's arms and never pulled themselves apart from each other, at least for that night.

[ CAPTION: Nicholas and Tamzin seemed more than friends ][ SOURCE: dailymail ]

They looked pretty close to friends, don't they? But after that, they were rarely seen together which pretty much made clear that they were just friends. Tamzin needed a friend to help her go through with her divorce and Nicholas indeed proved to be a great friend.

The British actor, who starred in U.K. series such as Top Boy and Marcella has never been spotted with a girl, suspicious enough to be his girlfriend. Either Nicholas is very good at keeping his girl off the grid, or he is genuinely single.

[ CAPTION: Nicholas Pinnock ][ SOURCE: Standard.co.uk ]

Nicholas Pinnock also played a boxer, Jay Jackson, based on the first black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson in the play, The Royale directed by Marco Ramirez. While Jack married three white women in 1900s our boy, Nicholas does not even have a single girlfriend. Not suggesting he should have many girlfriends, just hoped he had one.

But for Nicholas Pinnock, he is focused on his career at the moment. He told his brother that the best place in the world for him is either in front of the camera or on stage.