Who is Morgan Radford? Know about her Net Worth.

June 18, 2017
First Published On: June 18, 2017
by HitBerry

Morgan Radford is an American news reporter and NBC correspondent. She has successfully kept her name in one of the quickly risen television correspondents. The 29 years old girl previously was an anchor in Al Jazeera America.

Morgan has built a broad range of experience by covering international as well as domestic stories. Some of her famous covered stories are The Boston Marathon Bombing, Presidential election 2012 and the Metro-North train crash. So, let’s find out more about her personal life in today's column dedicated to your own Star reporter Morgan Radford.

Net Worth of Morgan Radford

The beautiful journalist has such a wide range of presentation skills that she quickly climbed the ladder of success. That’s why people are very keen to know about her Net Worth. Morgan is a very secretive person. She has not disclosed her Net Worth till today.

Morgan Radford during her shoot Morgan Radford during her shoot    Source: rollingout

However, we do know that the base salary of the NBC reporter is $30k which does not include bonuses and benefits. Also, she worked as a reporter in ABC news now where the salary of the reporter is $79,000k. She worked for ABC for more than two years.

Morgan worked in Al Jazeera America in the beginning of her career. While the exact figures are still not known, we can say Morgan’s Net Worth is more than a million. She enjoys her job and is still getting big projects which will give a push in her Net Worth in future.

Morgan Radford had a good start in her career

Morgan's academic qualifications helped her to quickly be noticeable to the public. Morgan earns a graduate degree from Harvard in Social Studies. She completed her Masters from Columbia University in Broadcast Journalism.

Morgan Radford Morgan Radford   Source: bpblogspot

Morgan has done many difficult tasks during her career. Sometimes, she was spotted on deadly floods in West Virginia, and public schools filled with water. Her dedication towards work is commendable which is surely one of the reasons that she is where she is at now.


The rising star, Morgan had a good start in her career. In 2015 Morgan decided to join NBC news. The news of Morgan’s joining the NBC was all over the media. She has taught that if we run behind passion, success will run towards us.

Morgan has been an amazing Presenter so far. The main attribute behind her success about her is bravery. She is not afraid of going to the places that are damaged and unsafe. So, this was today's take on your favorite reporter. Stay tuned for more hot gossips.