Who is Michael Rosenbaum Married to? Find out his Movies and TV Shows

March 7, 2017
First published on:March 7, 2017
by HitBerry

Michael Rosenbaum is a famous American celebrity, working as an actor in film and TV actor, director, producer, writer, and comedian. He is best known for his performance in Sorority Boys and also for portraying Lex Luthor on the Superman television series Smallville.

The 44-year American actor Michael is very much focused in his profession. His work and devotion in acting sector gained him a lot of fame and money as well.  Despite being a media personality, his personal life is very lesser known to his fans. Wanna know about  his personal life? Stay with us.

Who is Michael Rosenbaum Married to? Know about His Personal Life

The very famous American actor Michael Rosenbaum is happy with his current relationship status. He is not married yet and he is living a very happy single life. Getting married in time is important in life, however, he doesn't seem in a hurry to get married yet.

The well-known American actor Michael Rosenbaum

The well-known American actor Michael Rosenbaum

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Michael is currently in his forties and living a happy single life. It is not that he is single throughout his life, he involved in several love relations in his past days. 

Michael dated a Canadian Actress Laura Vandervoort for about year. He started his relation with Laura in 2012 and he left the relation in 2013. Before his relation with Laura, he was in a relation with an American actress Candice Accola for a brief period of time.

Michael Rosenbaum and Laura Vandervoort

Michael Rosenbaum and Laura Vandervoort

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Not only these relations, Michael was also involved in some other relations too. Danielle Harris, Marina Drujko, Angela Steelman, and Angel Boris Reed are the girls whose name was linked with Michael with whom he just remained in the relation for the very short period.

Know about Michael's Movies and TV Shows

Michael Rosenbaum is associated with acting since 1997. During his almost 2 decade-long career in acting, he faced several ups and downs but he never lost his courage and confidence with himself. In his long career in acting, most of his films did well, however, there were some films and series which went flop either.

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Michael put his steps in the Hollywood in 1997 as 'The Devil' with the movie The Devil & the Angel. Later, in the same year, he played as George Tucker in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Until the time, he has played in more than 25 movies including some short movies. He performed various kind of roles throughout his career which helped him to establish as a versatile actor of the industry.

He started to work on a television after a year he debuted in the Hollywood. He debuted on the TV with a role of Jonathan Summers in The Tom Show. Later, h e worked in a number of TV shows like Rocket Power, The Zeta Project, Player$, Teen Titans etc. However, he got his fame at the peak from the portrayal Smallville.

Later in 2011, Michael gave his appearance in the finale of the Smallville. Later he said about his feeling in a statement

I'm simply doing it for all of the fans out there who made Smallville the great success it is. I appreciate all of their passion, their relentlessness, and even their threats. Ha ha.

He worked in the portrayal of the leading character 'Lex Luthor' for the first 7 seasons of the show while he appeared as a special guest in the 10th season. For this particular show, he won several awards and nominations including the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor on Television of 2002.

In June  2014, Rosenbaum was cast as the lead character in the TV Land original sitcom Impastor. The plot of the sitcom was summarized as a low-life who hides out in a small town by conning the residents into thinking he is their newly hired gay pass