Who is Metrologist Alexandra Steele Married to? Know about her Husband and Married Life

HitBerryPublished on   14 Feb, 2017Updated on   07 May, 2021

Alexandra Steele is a very famous weather channel reporter who is best known for her TV career. Even though we have seen her thousand times in the media, still, we are very unaware of her information. We often just know very less about them.

Alexandra is best known for keeping her information locked in a secret box. Today, here we will be talking about her personal information. Check it out:

Who is Metrologist Alexandra Steele Married to?

As Alexandra Steele is blessed with a child, everyone suspects that she is married. She has always been too much secretive about her personal life. She barely makes her appearance in the media and is rarely seen sharing her life events.

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele   Source: nydailynews

Alexander is suspected to be married and giving birth to a child, but there is no fixed information about whether she is married or mother. So, the name of her husband has not been revealed yet. Also, there is no any clear information regarding their marriage life.

Can Jim Cantore be her Husband?

Many people are suspecting that Jim Cantore might be her husband. The major reason behind the rumor is that Jim has ended up her 17 years long relationship with Tamra Cantore in the year 2007. Her ex-wife Tamra Cantore had Parkinson's disease. However, the couple is blessed with two children (a son and a daughter) in total.

Ok, moving straight to the topic, Alexandra and Jim worked together as an anchor of 7 p.m Eastern hour of Weather Center in TWC. The couple has worked together, and they were often spotted making a lot of fun together during their shoot. Also, they were believed to be often close. Here, we have a proof video to show you the fun of Alexandra and Jim where Jim compares her to Austin Powers.

Alexandra and Jim have worked together for only a month. Might be, she is afraid that the world would know about their relationship? We just can't also be too sure regarding the news as she has not spoken anything regarding her marital life.

Alexandra Steele's Children

As per some reports, Alexandra gave birth to a baby girl in October 2008. The news only flashed while she took a leave after getting pregnant from her work. She then returned to her work in the year 2009.

Alexandra Steele Alexandra Steele    Source: charliepappas

Also, according to some sites, it is believed that Alexandra is living in Atlanta with her husband and her daughter. But the name of her husband is still not revealed. Keeping every personal detail hidden, she is perfectly handing her personal as well as professional life.