who is Melinda Shankar dating? Who is her boyfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   10 Apr, 2016Updated on   20 May, 2021

Are you tired of wondering who our hot Canadian actress Melinda Shankar is dating? Who is that lucky guy lucky enough to share her warmth?

Just for the reminder the actress is best known for playing Alli Bhandari in the long-running Canadian TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation and Indira 'Indie' Mehta on How To Be Indie.

Well, that’s about her career highlight. Now let’s head toward the main matter of her dating and boyfriend.

Recently, according to degrassi.wikia.com, the actress has been dating Mr. stranger named Hundy since 24th of December, 2013. They have been together for more than two years as of now.

The actress is rolling at her green age of 24 and she had already changed her boyfriend like three times before Hundy. She previously dated Munro Chambers in 2013, Justin Kelly from 2011 to 2012 and Daniel Kelly from 2010 to 2012.

By looking like dating history, she seems to be changing her taste for men and given these details, she has been dating this guy named Hundy for over two years and now people are talking about she might be thinking of changing her partner. Well, it might definitely not be true because the actress seems to be riding the love castle way higher with Hundy.

The actress is popular on Instagram and Twitter and she has many followers like in hundreds of thousands. She likes to feed the gossip-hungry fans with a sneak peek into what she is doing now and then through those social media.

The Canadian teen sensation has been in the industry since 2008 and in only eight years, she has been captured many audiences all over the world with her marvelous work in movies and tv shows.

For that, she even won Actress of the year 2011 award in ANOKHI Awards and she shared her experience in the interview with ‘Open chest with Raj Girn’.

“You know, I was nominated for a Gemini award for Performance Of The Year, but I was so much more thrilled to get Actress Of The Year because that’s huge. I mean it was on the same exact calibre for me to be nominated for an ANOKHI award as it was being nominated for a Gemini [the Canadian equivalent to the Emmys”, she said.

“Getting the award was special to me because it was the recognition of not just my work, but all the hard work my sister and parents have put in for me. The award, for me, was something I could give to them. It wasn’t even for myself. It’s one of those things when you realize it’s all worth it, and I thank you and ANOKHI for this”, she added.

The net worth of the actress is estimated to be $500 thousand.