Who is Meg Tirrell? Is she still Single or Married? Know in Detail about her Affairs and relationship

March 8, 2018
First Published On: January 11, 2018

Meg Tirrell is general assignment reporter for the CNBC where she focuses on the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Tirrell started working for CNBC in April 2014. 


Everyone might be familiar with Meg Tirrell's professional career but how many of you know about Meg Tirrell's personal life. So is she already married or single yet? Or is she dating someone?

Who is Meg Tirrell?

A renowned television personality Meg Tirrell attended the Wellesley College in 2002 and completed her bachelor's degree in Bachelor of Arts in English and Music in 2006. In 2006, she joined the Northwestern University and completed her master's degree in journalism in 2007.

After her graduation, Tirrell started working for The Bloomberg News where she covered the news of Biotechnology industry. Moreover, Tirrell also actively worked for the Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Bloomberg Television.

[ CAPTION: Meg Tirrell ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Because of her outstanding presenting skills and strong voice, Tirrell earned a wide recognization and came to fame within a short period of time. In April 2014, Tirrell joined the CNBC as a general assignment reporter which helped her gain more popularity. 

Tirrell focuses on the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals and appears on the CNBC's Business Day programming, contributes to CNBC.com. She has covered the new drugs for Alzheimer's, cancer and rare diseases. She has further tracked the public health emergencies from the Ebola to Zika.

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Moreover, her work has explored why fewer drugs are developed for children, chronicled the sequencing of her own genome. And further followed the manufacturing of a flu shot from egg to pharmacy. 

Is Meg Tirrell Married Or Is She Dating Someone?

As being such a widely recognized reporter, Meg Tirrell has a good experience about how to find out information from different sources and share it with people. Likewise, she also has great ideas to keep them tight-lipped. 

Tirrell is very active in sharing the different news with people. But when it comes to her personal life, Tirrell stays tight-lipped. She never shares anything about her personal life and often stays away from the rumors and controversies. 

[ CAPTION: Meg Tirrell ][ SOURCE: Casw ]

However, Tirrell is not married yet. Furthermore, she is not dating anyone at the current moment. Till date, there are no any records of her past affairs and further hasn't been the part of controversies regarding her relationships. 

Well, she might be looking for a perfect partner or may be dating someone secretly. Hope Tirrell soon reveals all about her relationships. If she shares any information about her relationship then we will obviously share it with you all. Till then stay in touch with us.