Who is Maxine Sneed? Know in Detail about her Married Life and Children

Sam SmithPublished on   07 Feb, 2018Updated on   07 Feb, 2018

Maxine Sneed, a former editor of the Black Radio Magazine, is currently single after divorcing comedian Tommy Chong. It is a known fact to all that the marital life of any star is not private.


Likewise, Maxine was also unable to escape the limelight after she married the actor Tommy Chong. No one can escape the limelight, can they? However, after she got separated, she is out of media’s reach. Follow us for details of Maxine’s married life.

Maxine Sneed and Tommy Chong: Married life and children

Currently, single, Maxine Sneed was previously married to famous Canadian- American comedian cum writer, Tommy Chong in 1960. However, other details pertaining to their marriage and dating history has not been disclosed till the date.

[ CAPTION: Maxine Sneed and Tommy Chong ][ SOURCE: Hollywoodreporter ]

The couple became parents for the first time on February 28, 1961, after giving birth to Rae Dawn Chong. Even if Rae is said to be the biological child of Maxine and Tommy, there were rumors of her being the daughter of Gail Toulson.

[ CAPTION: Rae Dawn Chong ][ SOURCE: IMDB ]

It was also heard that Gail claimed herself as the mother of Rae, but Tommy fought for the legal custody of his child in favor of Maxine and won it. Tommy also restated that Maxine and he are the biological parents of Rae.

[ CAPTION: Robbi Chong ][ SOURCE: TV database wiki ]

In 1965, the couple gave birth to daughter Robbi Chong. The couple was living their marital life happily with their children. Unfortunately, their happiness was not meant to last forever. After being together for ten years, the couple went through a divorce.  

Why did the couple pass through a divorce after being together for a decade?

A span of 10 years is a long period to understand one another. Maxine Sneed and Tommy Chong were in a relationship for a decade between 1960 to 1970, but now they are separated. What was the reason behind their separation?

[ CAPTION: Maxine Sneed and Tommy Chong ][ SOURCE: Asian Black couple ]

Well, some tabloids said that the reason behind their separation was just due to the infidelity issues of Tommy. Although, being married to Maxine he was supposedly having extramarital affairs with Gail Toulson.

It has been more than 40 years since Maxine and Tommy got separated. However, Maxine is still unable to find her true love and living a single’s life in all these years. But, for Tommy, he has already found love in Shelby Chong.