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Who is Matthew Espinosa's real Girlfriend? He is linked with many Girls

July 5, 2016
First published on:July 5, 2016
by John

“Awwww so cute!”

Girls be like this when they watch his video. And that cute guy is Matthew Espinosa. A famous Youtuber among the teens and vine. This awesome Matthew is mainly known as Matt. Rather than saying, only teens, it would be suitable to say girls instead because we can see how girls are going crazy for him after watching his videos.

Well! you might have seen in the video that how the girl went crazy shouting his name after she saw Matt.  And if you have not watched his videos before, his video clips are here as a bonus for you. And I am sure you would like to watch more.


This is his latest video and it is a snap chat video. And yes I can’t help myself saying this- he is sooo cute! I just wonder who would not like this guy? He has got such a magnetic personality that he could attract anyone.

This cute boy would surely have a girlfriend, right? In a video (two years ago) that is a video of him and his girlfriend but we don’t know either she really is his girlfriend or not. Actually, she is not the only girl who has been suspected of being his girlfriend, he has been linked with many other girls. Being a cute creature he is proposed by so many girls but there is no official confirmation about his real girlfriend.

The boy who loves keeping his personal life at low public profile has acted in a feature film, a comedy story drama where Matt plays the role of Jordan Jay where the character is a teen pop star who wants to lead a normal life. His other movies include Be Somebody, Today and Clevver Now. Born and raised in Woodbridge, Virginia, he is now in his teens. Already at the age of 18, he is successful to get an immense popularity among the audiences as a public face.

June 2015 was the month when he celebrated passing 3 million followers on Twitter. Cheers!!! He has spread his charm in Instagram as well. Ruling the heart of millions of girls, he sure is climbing the peak of huge success in life.

Before the fame, he used to play football and was lacrosse at Bishop Ireton High School. And now the boy has an awesome net worth of $ 2.5 million and he is just 18. Just think of it!

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