Who is Matt Czuchry's girlfriend? Know Alexis Bledel's relationship with Matt

May 7, 2017
First Published On: December 5, 2016

Matt Czuchry has dated pretty popular faces over the past few years. But who is he dating at present? Is he single? Find out about his past relationships, dating history with Alexis Bledel and everything you would want to know about him. Scroll down if you wanna find out.

Who is Matt Czuchry currently dating?

In an interview with the Vulture in 2011, Matt confirmed that he wasn’t really seeing anyone and wasn’t in a relationship back then. But since he is pretty popular these days and hell of a looker, I am pretty sure he has someone in his life. But I suppose, Matt is really good at keeping things inside the box.

But what he exactly said was “No, I’m enjoying dating. I’m single, though, I am not in a relationship”. Well, I don’t exactly know what he was trynna say. You know celebrities are pretty difficult to read. I guess he just enjoys short term connection these days rather than long term. Maybe, he got cheated or got out of love. Well, it does make sense, but he is still complicated, man. Then again we wish you a good luck, Matt.

Kate Bosworth and Matt Czuchry

Kate Bosworth and Matt Czuchry. They dated for two long years and seperated in 2002.

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Matt’s relationship with Alexis Bledel

According to him, they have a pretty good relationship. Their chemistry on the screen is really good, and they help each other a lot. He didn’t quite open up about him dating Alexis. But what he did say was that, Alexis is a really hard working girl and they both try their best to make the scenes best they possibly can and do their job to the best ability for the show. So, they might have had an affair in the past or might be still seeing each other. No one knows.

Matt Czurchry and Alexis Bledel kissing.

Matt Czurchry and Alexis Bledel kissing.

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Matt Czuchry and Alexis Bledel

Matt Czuchry and Alexis Bledel

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I am gonna share his interview with you guys, here you go.


Matt Czuchry Dating History

As indicated by whosdatedwho, Matt has had 3 serious relationship so far, with Kate Bosworth from 2000-2002, Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi. But do you believe that he just dated 3 girls in his whole life? I don’t think so whatsoever. He might have dated plenty of people by now. It is just that we are not aware of the fact. That’s about it. I guess.

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