Who is Martine Croxall? Martine Croxall Married Stephen Morris in 2000.

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The full name of Martine Croxall is Martine Sarah Croxall. She is a British television news presenter and journalist. Her amazing speaking skills and way of delivering the news have really attracted more viewers than expected.


Martine is somehow daily face or weekend face for us but we still do not know about her. Today, here we will be discussing who Martine Croxall is. Also know about her personal life regarding including marital life and much more.

Martine Croxall's Bio

Martine Sarah Croxall was born in 1969 in Hinckley, Leicestershire. She is a British journalist and television news presenter for BBC News Channel. She is also one of the main presenters in the channel.

Martine joined the BBC channel after she had a very good work experience at BBC Radio Leicester. She also worked at East Midlands Today which is the BBC regional news program.

She also has a working experience at Newsroom South East in the year 1997 and also in UK Today.

Martine Croxall

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Now, Martine is a presenter on the BBC News Channel between 18:30 the midnight broadcasted from Friday to Sunday. She also sometimes appears on the international channel BBC World News. She began to work as a presenter in the World News Today.

Beyond all of her marvelous work, her presentation on the Parris attacks for the BBC is taken to be the notable one. She was the main presenter on the Paris attacks in November 2015.

Martine is also said to be a wise news presenter as she wisely handled the situation of beginning the bulletins with an empty chair.

Martine Croxall and Stephen Morris Married

We all know that Martine Croxall has always been too much secretive regarding her personal life. Martine rarely shows up in the media and barely talks about her personal life. Till the date, she has never ever spoken a word regarding her personal life.

As per some sources, Martine Croxall is married to Stephen Morris. The couple got married in 2000. Now at the moment, it's been more than sixteen years that the couple is enjoying their marital life.

As she is too secretive, she has not revealed any information about her husband. According to isthebbcbiased, her husband Stephen Morris is the managing director and founder of the Facilitator Agency.

Martine Croxall

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After all, Martine is now married for around sixteen years but no any rumors regarding her marital life have ever been published.

No, any divorce rumors or separation news have ever been broadcasted in the media. So, we can say that her marital life must be going smooth. Also, she has not opened up about her children too.