Who is Marina Drujko's Boyfriend after Death of Larry Drake? Did she Marry anyone?

HitBerryPublished on   08 Jul, 2016Updated on   24 May, 2021

Hunnnnnn!!! She has 47 boyfriends?? It might be surprising for us but not for her. Yes, we are talking about Marina Drujko. The girl having 47 boyfriends was once married to an American actor Larry Drake. Larry was a multi-talented person as he was an actor, voice artist, and comedian.

Larry who was previously married (1989) and divorced (1991) to Ruth de Sosa and later married to Marina in the year 2009. Well! They were not made for each other and got divorced in the same year. Actually, we don’t know for whom Marina is made for. LOL!!

Anyways let’s talk about the current personal life of Marina. Her love stories are one of a kind but currently, she has a partner named Joel Kirby who is an actor mainly known for the League of extraordinary Gentlemen, Babylon, etc. Joel Kirby was also previously married to Lenny Von Dohlen.

However, there is not any rumor of Marina’s marriage after the death of Larry. But it is better not to talk about her boyfriends because we even don’t know how many boyfriends she made after the divorce with Larry.

Marina and Larry divorced in the same year of marriage 2009 and Larry died in 2016. The death of Larry was quite a shocking one though as he was found dead inside his room. But he was reported to have some kind of health problems one month before his death. The death of an experienced actor was a great loss for the film industry and TV shows.


Marina is an ex-model and horror writer whose information is not much found in internet sites. She has kept her personal life at the low profile as we don’t know about all her boyfriends and the love story with them. Rather than personal life, her professional life seems even more out of a reach. It is not easy to get information about her on the internet.

Marina Drujko       Source: happybday

According to one of the internet sites, Marina is a tall and slim girl of height 5 feet 10 inches with green eye color and blonde hair. She is a Russian girl of white ethnicity. Her Twitter is private and does not have other accounts on social media.

Anyway, we wish the gorgeous lady would soon get her Mr. Perfect and she would be at the peak of success in her writing career. Her net worth has not been disclosed yet.