Who is Maiara Walsh dating currently? Know her affairs and relationships

Maiara Walsh, a famous Brazilian-American actress, and singer. Maiara became famous for her role as Ana Solis on the sixth season of ABC sitcom Desperate Housewives. The gorgeous diva gained a good popularity early in her life.

As she's a reputed Hollywood celebrity, the public always wants to know about her personal life along with her professional one. So, let's know about her current relationship status. And who she is dating currently

Is Maiara Walsh's Relationship Status? Who is Maiara Walsh Dating Currently?

The 29-year-young American actress Maiara shows great care to her personal life. She just focuses on her acting career passionately. She doesn't love to disclose her personal life and relations with the media just to gain a limelight.

Famous American actress Maiara Walsh Famous American actress Maiara Walsh, Source: pinterest.com

But, still, media draws some predictions about her relationship status. According to the source, Maiara doesn't date anyone currently. She dated few boyfriends in her past but, now she lives a happy single life. Didn't she find a soul mate? Or what?

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It doesn't seem like that. As she began her good days in her acting career, she left her intention to be in a relation. Media didn't find her engaged in any love relation since 2010; it also kept her far from the controversies.

Maiara Walsh's Previous Relations and Affairs

Before Maiara fully concentrated on her acting, she dated a few guys. As per source, Maiara dated Jason Dolley as her first boyfriend. She built her love relationship with him in early 2004. Her relation with the American actor Jason didn't last more than six months.

Maiara Walsh's ex-boyfriend Jason Dolley Maiara Walsh's ex-boyfriend Jason Dolley, Source: justjaredjr.com

After hooking up with Jason for a short time, Maiara dated an American actor Kyle Massey. Their romantic love relation started in 2007 and it took a good fame in the media. They shared their togetherness for around three years as they departed on their separate way in 2010.

Kyle Massey and actress Maiara Walsh Kyle Massey and actress Maiara Walsh, Source: whosdatedwho.com

Sources also cited that, actress Maiara made her engagement in some other relation too. As the source, She also dated Sean Marquette, Cole Sprouse, and Corbin Bleu while still being in a relationship with Kyle Massey.

Maiara Walsh and her ex-boyfriend Corbin Bleu Maiara Walsh and her ex-boyfriend Corbin Bleu, Source: healthyceleb.com

Apart from these guys, she didn't date any other guy in her lifetime. But, as she's a reputed actress, media often spread the rumor about her personal life and her relations. However, leaving all these behind the bar, she moved ahead on her path and gained what she wanted from her career in acting.