Who is Lynne Kushnirenko Married to? Know about her Married Life and Children

September 21, 2017
First Published On: September 21, 2017

We have come across many news about celebrities life after their failed marriages. Some of the celebrities manage to move on whereas many choose to remain single. A Canadian model divorce with car racer A.J Allmendinger shook her fans back in 2012.

Lynne Kushnirenko is a well renowned Candian model who is best known as Dr. Lynne and is also a qualified chiropractor. So after her divorce with A.J how is her life going on?

Lynne Kushnirenko divorced her husband

Lynne Kushnirenko and her ex-husband A. J. Allmendinger first met back in 2005. But who knew their future would end up in divorce, what was the reason behind it?

Both of them used to live in different countries before getting in the relationship. Back then A.J was a rookie racer and Lynne was still getting her chiropractic license.

Lynne Kushnirenko and her ex-husband A. J. Allmendinger, Source: eCelebrityFacts

However, this ex-couple tied the knot back in 2007. By that time, Kushnirenko's became a fully licensed chiropractor. Lynne and A.J were having a crazy time back then. Kushnirenko used to attend race every weekend.

Lynne Kushnirenko , source: Pinterest

But who thought after five years of marriage, they would end their relationship with divorce. By the time of 2012, this couple was more or less of history as they divorced was finalized in the same year.

Lynne Kushnirenko and her ex-husband A. J. Allmendinger, Source: All Left Turns

During their married life, they had no child. Some resources claimed that Lynee and A.J adopted two puppies before getting divorced.

A.J. Allmendinger shares a moment with ex-wife Lynne Kushnirenko, source: Motorsport.com

So what went wrong? None of them have revealed much about their divorce and the real reason behind them.

Lynne Kushnirenko's Life after divorce

Forgetting your past can be a most painful thing in your life. When it comes to ending long married life, then probably life goes up and down.

A model turned chiropractor, Lynne is looking for new changes in her life after the divorce. Lynne is pursuing her dreams to be a full-time chiropractor in recent days.

As in 2017, Lynne is barely her way to the news  Apart from this, she has maintained a low profile life. In another hand, A.J is dating her long-term girlfriend Tara Meador. Tara and A.J started dating back in 2015.

This couple took their relationship to social media as they posted their memorable moments. Some resources have claimed that A.J is ready to marry his girlfriend Tara Meador 

A. J. Allmendinger with his girlfriend, source: celebrities

Life doesn't go same at the other end after all. Lynne might be single or may be dating someone. Well, she hasn't made it official yet.