Who is Louise Brealey dating? Does she have any plans of getting married?

April 6, 2016
First Published On: April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Sherlock star Louise Brealey seems to be dating Ferdinand Kingsley. Various sources on the internet have tried to associate her name with many people, even her Sherlock co-star Cumberbatch but we assure you their relation is nothing but a professional one.

Louise seems to love keeping everything under mystery. None of the information regarding her love life or her family has been revealed. Louise having been dating Ferdinand is the perhaps the only thing that has been revealed to us. We don’t know how long they have been dating or if they have separated even.

Similarly, other information regarding her past dating records and boyfriend's name are still not present to us. It seems that she is not yet married and she does not have any children as well. And for the people who thinks she is homosexual, she is definitely not a lesbian. According to IMDB, her ex-partner was Bryan Dick

We are so much obsessed with her talent and her jaw dropping performance that we are completely lost in it. So, one of the major rule of Moffet for his series Sherlock was not to introduce any character not related in the original story. It’s a rule for any writer who adopt their work off some other sources to protect the original story and character but her performance was so formidable and perfect that she was called for the role that was absent in the original story. Her character Molly in Sherlock is widely praised by audience and critics alike and they don’t truly care that she is an original character or not.

Some of Louise’s other famous role in TV shows is as Roxanne Bird in Casualty or as Judy Smallweed in the series Bleak House. She has also appeared in movies like Containment (2015) and Reuniting the Robins (2010). She won the award for the best actress in Southampton International Film Festival for the former.

Starting her acting career from theater, she has been able to earn a name for herself from her talent and hard work. Louise is also a journalist and editor which shows her versatility.

This beautiful actress is very popular among boys as well as girls. According to Louise, she has received hundreds of messages and numerous marriage proposal even from young girls.

Her alluring beauty and her attractive body easily makes her one of the most beautiful actresses of the industry.

Louise is also very popular on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. He has around 180k followers on Twitter and it is ever increasing. Similarly, she is often active on Instagram and posts pictures to keep in touch with her fans. Louise is a fan of Louise and has stated that she likes expressing her thoughts and her feeling in Twitter. As a result, people following her can see their twitter wall flooded with her tweets.

Much like her personal life, her net worth is not yet disclosed.