Who is Lorenza Izzo? Also, see her "eyelashes like cow's", and more.

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You guys might be familiar with the famous Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo. Actress and model Lorenza became famous for her role as Kylie in the horror film, The Green Inferno. Her characters in the erotic horror thriller Knock, Knock gave her a better recognition as a thriller actress. Here, see Lorenza Izzo's eyelashes like cow's.

The 27-year-young actress Lorenza often comes to the news with her relationships matters and her films. However, she sometimes hits the media with her personality and body stuff like "cow lashes".

The Chilean Actress Lorenza Izzo

Daughter of Rosita Parsons, a model, Lorenza Izzo was born in Santiago, Chile. The 27-year-old actress Lorenza attended the University of Los Andes to study journalism. Later, she moved to New York City to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Beautiful Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo Beautiful Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo, Source: pinterest.com

Lorenza started her career as a model in 2007. Before she made her debut as an actress, she worked in Instrucciones para mi Funeral, an independent film made by Sebastian Radic as a graduation project. Later, in 2011, she debuted as a professional actress. She then worked as Lucia Edwards in the film Que Pena Tu Boda.

Instagram: Lorenza Izzo


Some of her famous movies are Aftershock, The Green Inferno, The Stranger, Knock Knock, etc. Actress Lorenza has also worked in a few numbers of films directed by her husband, Eli Roth. She married her husband Eli back in 2014 in Zapallar, Chile.

Lorenza tweets a picture from her movie, The Green Inferno:

Check out her wedding photos with her husband;

Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo and director Eli Roth married Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo and director Eli Roth married Source: usmagazine.com

Lorenza Izzo's eyelashes like cow's

The famous Feed, the Beast actress Lorenza, faced some unusual problem due to her ''cow lashes''. According to her interviews, she always wanted to be a flawless girl as she frequently makes her red carpet appearance. But, her eyelashes came as a hurdle to her dream.

She expressed her feeling with byrdie.co.uk where she said,

"I'm obsessed with curling my eyelashes because I have what I call 'cow lashes' because they go straight down. I use my trusted, trusted Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler." Lorenza added, "I am obsessed with separating my lashes. I use a Sephora separator. It's also calming; it's like popping a pimple.''

Actress and model Lorenza Izzo
Actress and model Lorenza Izzo, Source: wwd.com

So, now she feels relieved from her beauty draining eyelashes. By her, she now doesn't pull back her opinion to go out or walk on the red carpet with only due to her eyelash appearance.

You guys might shock on listening to the fact that she keeps a microwave oven in her bathroom. Sound's quite bizarre, isn't it? It's not good to talk about anyone's bathroom stuff as it is entirely personal. But we can't restrict ourselves after knowing the fact.

Source: Instagram

Though it sounds ridiculous to put a microwave in a bathroom, it has a practical meaning if we go deeply. She said it helps her during her monthly periods. She often suffers from awful cramps which she reduces by keeping a hot water bag or pads around her stomach. Lorenza told that she calls the hot bag as guatero.