Who is Lindsey Kraft? Is she Still Single? Know in Detail about her Affairs and Relationship

Sam SmithPublished on   06 Mar, 2018Updated on   25 Apr, 2021

Beginning the career as a model and transitioned to acting, later on, Lindsey Kraft is known to all of us by her extraordinary performance but how many of us have shown interest in the personal life of this struggling actor of Hollywood.


Lindsey Kraft is mostly known to us for her portrayal of Allison on the Netflix show Grace and Frankie and from the HBO series Getting On where she played as Marguerite Macaw. Except for her professional life, we are unaware of her personal life. Ok, let’s find out about her relationship status and other personal details.

Is Lindsey Kraft married?

Being born in 1983, most of us will obviously think that she has already got married as she is in her late 30s. But age and looks can never determine about someone’s personal life. After looking at Lindsey what do you think about the marital status of her?

CAPTION: Lindsey Kraft Instagram post SOURCE: Instagram

Well after viewing the picture of Lindsey with a guy you may think she is in a relationship. Ok to revealed the truth yes she is in a relationship. But the question is what type of relationship? Friend or boyfriend or husband? Can you guess? Well if you have viewed the caption of the picture properly, then you would know who he is?

If you have not read, then let me tell you. As you can see some of the highlighted portions on the comment part, there is clear reply by Lindsey to one of her fans by saying “I love that u think I have a husband!” which has cleared us that she is not married.

The love life of Lindsey Kraft

Well if we start from the beginning, then we cannot find any information how and when they met. But after viewing her Instagram profile, we can see her with this guy since 2012.

CAPTION: Lindsey Kraft with her boyfriend SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Lindsey Kraft going for a movie with her boyfriend SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Lindsey Kraft visiting London with her boyfriend SOURCE: Instagram

The unnamed guy and Lindsey are mostly seen going outing for dinner, movies and for traveling the world. Her Instagram is full of the picture of this guy. In the picture below, we can see the couple together in the bed. This can be taken as a proof of the couple being in a close relationship.

CAPTION: Lindsey Kraft on a bed with her boyfriend SOURCE: Instagram

However, after 2016 we cannot see any picture of them together which has made us think about the relationship. Have they already broken up? Maybe they have already broken up. Or, it might probably be because of her busy work life. Her busy work life might have played the stopping role in her love life.

What does she think about Love?

Different people have different thinking about the meaning of love. Likewise, Lindsey also has her own opinion about the importance and definition of love. If you want to know about her thinking, then check out the video.

Caption: Lindsey Kraft talks about love

These days Lindsey is residing in LA and busy on her work. Hope everything is going good in her love life as her professional life.