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Who is Lena The Plug? Know in Detail about her Family Life, Relationship, Sex Tape Controversy, and Career

March 16, 2018
First published on:March 16, 2018
by Sam Smith

To what extent will you go to become a famous personality, or to get subscribers? Well, have you heard about Lena The Plug, who tried something really weird to get a million subscribers? Today, we are going to talk about Lena The Plug's family and professional life.  


It is a known fact that YouTubers try to get as more subscribers as they can. But, do you promise a sex tape for a million subscribers? Whether she did that or not, we will discuss the sexy YouTube star, Lena The Plug's family life and also, talk about her life, career-wise. 

Lena The Plug's Family Life and Relationship 

Lena was born as Lena Nersesian on 1991 July 1st to parents with an Armenian descent. We only know about her birth date and birth name, but, all details regarding her birthplace and her parent's are kept behind the curtains.

CAPTION: Lena The Plug selfie SOURCE: Instagram

Lena spent her childhood days in Glendale, California and graduated from the University of California in the field of Psychology in the year 2013. She has also traveled to Sweden (Lund University) while studying for the California University as an exchange student.   

CAPTION: Lena The Plug SOURCE: Instagram

As Lena had been known as a bookworm, she was offered a post-graduate program at the University of South California. But, she didn't take the offer as the pay of the program had been a lot more than what she could afford.

Currently, Lena is a YouTube star, but her parents think that it would have been a better choice if she went after a profession of her own expertise, Psychology.  

Lena The Plug's Career 

Career-wise, Lena started her professional life as a personal assistant and nanny while she was studying in the Lund Industry. After her graduation, she worked in a supermarket, and as an Uber driver as well.   

CAPTION: Lena The Plug YouTube Channel SOURCE: Youtube
CAPTION: Lena The Plug Website Logo SOURCE: Lena The Plug

However, after she found out about the huge opportunities of the social media platform, she started her own YouTube channel. The channel currently has over 1,136,411 subscribers. She also has a site to her name, The site is dedicated to an online clothing store.  

Controversy in Career: Sex Tape for 1 million subscribers

Lena was the hot topic of the media at that particular time because she had let her boyfriend, Adam Grandmaison have sex with her best friend, Emily Rinaudo. The star also announced on her YouTube video that she would release her sex video if she and her boyfriend got a million subscribers on their YouTube Channel.  

If you are wondering if she did it, then she didn't. Lena came out with a video stating that she would not release the tape as her leaked videos are all over the place. She also stated that the subscribers who subscribed because of the tape could kindly unsubscribe from her channel.  

Even with her sex tape stunt, she has not lost her YouTube Subscribers and is still going strong in her vlog posts.

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