Who is Latina Actress Vivian Lamolli dating? Find out her Affairs and Dating History

HitBerryPublished on   09 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

Have you watched the Hulu original series "East Los High"? If so then you might be familiar with the character Filiberta Rodriguez. Latina actress Vivian Lamolli plays the role of Rodriguez in "East Los High".  Vivian Lamolli dating is most searched topic about her.

With a perfect figure and sexy body, Latina actress Vivian Lamolli attracted millions of fans towards her. And now, her fans grew interested to know about her personal life that includes her dating life, affairs, relationships and more. Check it out:

Who is Latina Actress Vivian Lamolli dating?

Vivian Lamolli has always been quite secretive regarding her personal life. Though her millions of fans regularly follow her, she still manages to keep all of her personal details and private life out of media and away from paparazzi.

Vivian Lamolli Vivian Lamolli   Source: Instagram

Till the date, there are no any headlines regarding her dating life ever published in the media. Moreover, she has never been linked with anyone or ever rumored to be dating anyone. She started sharing the screen on East Los High with Danielle Vega in 2014.

While going through her Instagram account, she posted several photos with several handsome hunks. She shared a photo with Noel Perez, Jorge Carrilo, with her co- star Esai Morales and Charlie Sheen. She even posted pictures claiming brother boo on June 10, 2017, and with the caption "hey boo" on July 3, 2017, and. Have a look:





Lamolli does not share any of her dating life with the media. As per sources, she is single. But she might be dating someone but does not want to make it public. She might just do not want to be a part of any controversies.

Vivian Lamolli's Past Affairs

As we previously said, there is no any of Lamolli's dating life talked in the media.  It seems like she was and is totally engaged with her work and is focusing to make her career brighter. Even though she shares a dozen of photos with the male celebrity, there are no any rumors of dating or affairs with them.


Actually, Lamolli's professional life took over her personal life. Her professional life and her acting skills made everyone forget about her private life. She might have focused in her career without getting involved in any relationship. Now, at the age of 30, she is one of the famous and successful TV actresses all around the world.