Who is Lana Condor? What does she look for in a boyfriend?

March 23, 2016
First Published On: March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Lana Condor is a new face in the X-Men franchise. She is going to be playing the role of Jubilee in the upcoming “X-Men: Apocalypse. Her character is a mutant whose superpowers are very similar to that of a vampire. Many regard the character to be more closely linked to a vampire than to a mutant making it one of the most unique characters in the X-men franchise.

The movie is going to be Lana’s first big break in the film industry. She is regarded as a very talented actress with exceptional acting abilities. It has been suggested that what Lana might be looking for in a possible boyfriend are certain traits and qualities similar to hers.

Lana has time and again said how she is into adventure and considers herself outdoorsy. Therefore it has been recommended that she might be looking for a partner who is also into hiking, swimming and Surfing.

Another important factor for Lana is she is totally into charitable work and environment protection. Which she considers is one of the world’s biggest concerns. Therefore it is safe to say she will be looking for support from someone whom she would consider dear in this field too.

Lana is just 18 years of age and she definitely has not considered marriage in the near foreseeable future. There has been no knowledge of Lana ever having any official relationships or in that case, a boyfriend.

Her dating life has so far remained sober and out of the public eye. She is known to lead a very private life away from the camera as much as she can. However there have been a few rumors of her linked to other people earlier.

As a professional “X-Men Apocalypse” is going to be Lana’s first movie. However she has appeared in an earlier version of the series as a child star but with a very brief on screen time. However she is very positive that with this movie her career is going to jump start and she will be getting to act in many more from now.

She has said not only is she considering movies but she also hopes to enter into TV also if she can in the near future. She is a very talented actress who is capable of not only performing top notch acting but she also is a ballet dancer and is supposed to be very good in it having learnt it for a long time.

Lana is still an under the radar actress at the moment but after the movie she is about sure to make it bug. Her social networking followers are also not very much and are comparatively average.

Her net worth remains to be undisclosed.