Who is Kirsten Prout dating? Is she married?

April 7, 2016
First Published On: April 7, 2016
by HitBerry

Who is Canadian actress and ABC Family's drama Kyle XY star Kirsten Prout dating? Is she married?

Prout dated Matt Dallas who also starred in ABC Family's drama Kyle XY. Both of them met on the same set and what more! They got hooked and the romance started. But again their relationship could not last a lifetime. They broke up in 2008.

 She might have had some on and off relationships after that but it has not been declared officially.

It might be because either she has decided to keep her personal life personal or she really did not find any men date worthy. However, nothing could be said with assurance until the actress admits herself and feels free to share with the fans.

But again one thing is for certain, Prout is not married yet and she is definitely not a lesbian. The actress is enjoying her blissful 20s and who the hell would possibly want to take the huge burdens of marriage on their shoulders.

When Prout was dating Dallas back then, people had to say that they were couple made in heaven and they would sure end up getting married. Both of them had many similarities including their personal interest and profession. Also not to forget, they even had the same horoscope Libra.

But fellows! Similar profession, interests, hobbies and same horoscope would not alone contribute for a relationship to last long. For that there is no such thing like recipes or formulae, it happens when it has to happen. Guess Dallas was not for Prout. They broke up after a year and four months. But again who are we to declare who is perfect for her and who is not. They might even bounce back someday. Don’t you think?

Whatsoever, that was all in the past. The actress is single right now and in her recent interview, she somewhat gave a small sneak peak to what kind of person she would like to date. She did not share much but she did mention about her longing will to find a person to share a life with. From the small talk with her, it was quite easy to infer that she might be kind of choosy but not a perfectionist.

The actress has been active in the industry since 2000 and she is rolling like a stone in Hollywood and not to mention moving others aside.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, No Clue, Joy Ride 3 are some of her hit movies. She also has appeared in many tv shows and her roles have always been appreciated. Her net worth is estimated to be $1,278 USD.