Who is Kira Kosarin dating currently? Is she still single? Know her affairs and relationship

Kira Kosarin is not a new name in the film industry. She is best known for her role Phoebe Thunderman in the TV series The Thundermans. She became more famous when she bagged Kid's Choice Award in 2016 and speaking the truth, it was a great honor to her.

Besides her acting career, she often became a news headline for dating her co-stars. Many of her fans want to know about Kira's present and the past dating life.  So without doing any delay let's get started just stick with us till the end.

Kira Kosarin Past Dating Affairs

Kira's was firstly in a relationship with Jack Griffo, who is an American actor, a dancer, and a singer. Kira and Jack met each other on her TV show and Working together in Thundermans the duo came to know each other and fell in love.

Kira Kosarin in her bikini, Source: gotceleb

The couple is often spotted out in public, events, and vacations. They surprised their fan when they exposed about their relationship sharing a picture of them, wearing a wedding dress. However, in an interview, they both denied being in a relation and mentioned that they just shared their wedding pictures to mess with their fans.

Jack Griffo and Kira Kosarin in wedding dress, Source:images-m-magazine

There were gossips all around the place when news came out about the break up of Kira and Jack in the end of 2012, the same year they started dating each other. Let's watch this video to know more about their dating life.

Youtube: Boys Kira Kosarin Has Dated 

This gorgeous actress again appears in the news when she started dating another actor soon after she separated with Jack.  Kira started dating Nick Merico as her second boyfriend in 2013. At the end of the year, unfortunately, they broke up and never revealed any reason Like her previous relationship.

Nick Merico and Kira Kosarin,    Source:nigsaw

If you are wondering, Kira's dating rumors end here, you guessed it wrong. She again dated her another co-star from TV series "The Thundermans". Chase Austin hit the list of Kira's as her third boyfriend. In 2014, it was rumored that they started dating each other. Although being 2 years younger, Kira got in serious relation with Austin.

Chase Austin and Kira Kosarin, Source:cdn04

Many females have a crush on Austin because of his acting skills and gorgeous looks. Kira was a lucky girl but unfortunately, her relation with him lasted for two years as they broke up just before Christmas holiday in 2016.

Is Kira Kosarin dating in 2017?

So far In 2017, there are no rumors of her dating any mysterious guy. She is single for now. So, why did her love life fail? Is she too young to be in a relationship? Despite 19 years of age, Kira already dated three guys.

Kira Kosarin Kira Kosarin, Source: M Magazine

Well, we all know Kira Kosarin is a great actress and we wish her to go further on her acting career. Kira's love life might affect her personal life and her career. Hope she learns more from her past life and moves to the brighter side.

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