Who is Kelly Tilghman? As she is Rumored to be a Lesbian, Also find out her Career and More.

August 31, 2017
First Published On: March 6, 2017

It is said that girls who have a keen interest in games are automatically the best beautiful girls in the world. If you have ever kept an interest in golf then you might be very common with the name Kelly Tilghman.

Kelly is the PGA Tour's first ever female lead golf announcer and also a broadcaster for The Golf Channel. She is like an inspiration for many girls out there. I bet she is the one everyone should know about. She has always been rumored to be a lesbian. Check out whether she is lesbian or not!

Is Kelly Tilghman a Lesbian?

You might be always wondering and hearing the news of Kelly Tilghman as a lesbian. Will it be OK just to question about someone's sexuality only if she does not share her dating life? We really feel pity for those people who claim Kelly as a lesbian.

Ok… now let's talk whether Kelly is a lesbian or not. When you check out the pictures of Kelly, have you ever noticed a ring on her ring finger? We all know the meaning of a ring on her third finger. Well, is she engaged?? Have a look at the picture!

Kelly Tilghman

Kelly Tilghman

Source: zimbio

Now, we guess it's a time for the big announcement. I guess this will be the proof for everyone who has always been claiming her as a lesbian. While stalking on her official twitter account, she has clearly mentioned of welcoming her daughter. She has clearing mentioned the arrival of her daughter with husband Rocco Mediate. She also revealed the name of their daughter, Francesca Rose. Have a look…

Source: twitter

Source: twitter

So will you still call her a lesbian? We guess you won't!!

Who is Kelly Tilghman?

In short, if we have to introduce Kelly Tilghman then, we will introduce her as a broadcaster for the "The Golf Channel". Also, she is the first ever female lead golf announcer for the PGA Tour. She was born on August 6, 1969. Kelly is the graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History.

Kelly has also played college golf at the Duke University. Side by side she also works as a course reporter for The Golf Channel. Among her works, serving as the main play-by-play announcer during the PGA Tour is taken to be the notable one.

Kelly Tilghman

Source: zimbio

Kelly Tilghman's Career

It was the year 2007 when Kelly started her anchoring career. She became an anchor by profession when she was signed for 15 year deal with PGA Tour. The Golf Channel will be broadcasting the three events of the year where all the tour events will be covered.

Kelly also worked collaborating with the Nick Faldo to make a strong lead broadcast team. They worked together for the majority of the telecasts of the PGA Tour. She also formerly served as the co- anchor for the Golf Central and the host of the Sprint Post Game.

Beside the journalism, Kelly is the professional golf player. She played golf from 1992 to 1996 in Asia, Australia, and Europe. She also won the 1990's Lady Paladin Invitational and was offered a scholarship to play for Duke University's women's golf team.