Who is Kelley Jakle currently Dating? Know about her Relationship and Plans to get Married

Kelley Alice Jakle is an American actress and singer-songwriter, best known for her role as Jessica in the 2012 movie Pitch Perfect. She is also known for her appearances on the first and second seasons of the American television singing competition The Sing-Off.

The 27-year American actress is not married yet, however, she is gradually reaching the age of marriage and she is probably planning to settle her life soon. Most of us really want to know about her current relationship status so, let's have a closer look who she is dating with right at the moment.

Who is Kelley Jakle Dating? Know about Her Current Relationship Status

Despite being a media celebrity, Kelley Jakle's personal life is pretty concealed. She is not among those who readily share their personal life in the media mass. So, it is quite difficult to predict who she is dating with currently. However, since the last December, she is indicating that she is in a relation with someone. Who is he??

Famous American actress Kelley Jakle

Famous American actress Kelley Jakle

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As per some sources, Kelley is currently in a relationship with the 34-year-old American actor Mark Hapka. Despite she loves to keep her personal life very secret, she started to share her closeness with Mark since last December for which she took her Instagram.

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Prior to her relation with Mark, she was linked in a few relationships. During the time between 2012 and 2014, she was in a romantic love affair with an American actor Adam Devine.

Adam Devine and Kelley Jakle

Adam Devine and Kelley Jakle

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The couple superbly celebrated their togetherness for around two years, however, in 2014, there went something wrong with them and they reached the position from which they couldn't get back to their original relation and they broke up. After the breakup, Adam is in a relation with his girlfriend Chloe Bridges.

After her relation with Adam, Kelley was rumored to be in a relation with an American actor Ian Bohen. It might just be a rumor as no official sites have confirmed it. Other than these relations, Kelley is not involved in any other relation and no other rumors are heard as well.

Is Kelley Jakle Planning on getting Married??

No, it doesn't seem that Kelley is currently making her mind to get married in a short time. The famous actress from Pitch Perfect doesn't seem in a hurry to tie a knot with her boyfriend Mark. We often see the celebrity couple get a divorce soon after getting married so the couple might be trying to know each other well before they marry.

On this Valentine's Day, she sent love emotions to almost everyone however, she shared some extra private time with her boyfriend Mark which she shared on Instagram with a lovely picture of a loving couple.

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Kelley is currently busy in the shooting of the third version of 2012 hit Pitch Perfect. In January 2017, the whole cast came together for their first look in a photo. So she is not making her time to hook up with any guy currently and to think seriously about her personal life. We have to still wait for a while to know about her plan for her marriage.

So if you are Kelley's fan, then get ready for her upcoming movie which possibly comes on the big screen by the end of 2017.