Who is katya Elise Henry's boyfriend? Know her affairs and relationship

HitBerryPublished on   07 Jun, 2017Updated on   07 Jun, 2017

The gorgeous fitness trainer and model, Katya Elise Henry, is the rising star and heartbeats of many youths. The way she became famous in short period of time is remarkable. She is often found giving fitness tips to women and at the same time she does modeling. Here know who is Katya Elise Henry's boyfriend.

Apart from her professional life, she also came to spotlight for her relationship rumors. The romance of Katya and Austin were unstoppable in the town in 2016. But the couple had a rough time in their relationship. Find out what happened to the couple.

Katya Elise Henry's boyfriend Austin Mahone. Did they break up?

Don’t be surprised to know that Austin Mahone and Katya Elise broke up. Obviously, it’s a big news. After sharing so many beautiful moments the couple has called it quits. The cutest couple of the town who showed love for one another publicly are no longer together.

Austin Mahone spending quality time with Katya Henry Austin Mahone spending quality time with Katya Henry   Source: zimbio

It was a long time we did not hear anything from the couple who would have known their split. The couple shared some very good memories together. Below is the interview of Austin Mahone where he confirms that they broke up. Look at the reaction of Austin. He seems cools right? Well, that’s because the couple split earlier and the announcement was made taking time.


In fact, Austin says he’s chilling. After looking his reaction I am compelled to think that the couple had a mutual break up. The couple was deeply in love with one another. Austin even admitted they had a good time together.

Austin, last year, talked about his marriage plans with Katya. When asked if he would see himself marrying Katya, he said yes. But what happened to the couple this soon. Why did they break up? Though we know the couple is going their separate ways we cannot tell why exactly they gave up. They have not revealed about it yet.

Austin Mahone and Katya Henry Austin Mahone and Katya Henry   Source: eonline

Austin Mahone with Katya Henry Austin Mahone with Katya Henry   Source: promicambana

Who is Katya Elise Henry dating currently?

Katya and Austin have had a fresh breakup and for now, Katya is focusing on her career. She is not seen with anyone after her break up. Go to her Instagram account and you will know she’s just taking her modeling and fitness career side by side. Also, she deleted the pictures with Austin from Instagram. We can say she is not seeing anyone at the moment.

Austin also seems quite busy these days and is not seen with any other hotties. Neither he posted any picture with another girl. So, he is also single at the moment. Their fans are hoping for a patch up but this time it does not seem that easy.