Who is Kassius Lijan Marcil-Green? Find out his family life

February 7, 2018
First Published On: October 31, 2017
by HitBerry

Kassius Lijan Marcil-Green who is also known as Kassius Lijah is a son of famous actor and actress’ son. His parents are Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil.


They were not really married but were engaged for two years. If you want to know more about little Lijah and his family, keep on scrolling.

Kassius was born in the USA and his birthday is on 30 of March. He is now 14 years of age. Kassius’s parents are no longer together. He belongs to a white ethnical background and holds an American nationality. His father is now married to another wife.

Kassius Lijah’s Parents

Kassius’s parents first started dating in the year 1999. After two years, they got engaged, and after a year of engagement, they gave birth to Kassius. Again after a year of his birth, they got separated and now both have successfully moved on.

Although his mom and dad are no longer together, they both have equal support and love towards their son.

[ CAPTION: Kassius Lijan Marcil-Green with his mom and dad ][ SOURCE: answer ]

Hence looking at the above picture, they seem to have good terms with each other although they are no longer together. Well, the picture doesn't speak everything for itself.

Back in 2012, Brian Austin lost $200,000 lawsuit against Vanessa. Again in the same year, the exes were in battle. Brian took his ex to court claiming she owes him a huge amount.

Kassius Lijah's Family Life

Talking about Kassius’s mother, after she ended her relationship with Kassius’s dad, she got married twice. Unfortunately, both didn’t succeed and currently, she is single. On the other hand, Kassius’s dad is happily married to another famous American actress, Megan Fox. Since 24th June 2010.

Even though Brian is now married to another woman, he seems to find time for his first son as well. Recently in August 2017, he was seen enjoying a vacation with his son Kassius.

[ CAPTION: Brain Austin enjoying a vacation in Mexico ][ SOURCE: Just Jared ]

Hence, Brian Austin is living happily with Megan Fox and three other children. They keep on posting pictures of their babies on Instagram and other social sites. Let's hope that they don't end their marriage and continue their married life until death tears them apart. This is all about Kassius Lijan Marcil-Green's life as well as his family life.