Who is Joanne Nosuchinsky's Boyfriend? Who's the Lucky Guy?

HitBerryPublished on   06 Jul, 2016Updated on   21 May, 2021

When it comes to being beautiful, smart and rich winner of Miss New York USA Joanne Nosuchinsky is the chick for you. Well, anyone who is in a relationship with this babe is sure to be one lucky guy.

Shame that Joanne is so secretive about her life. In fact, we don’t know much about who she has dated, and much less about her current affair. Being such a famous celebrity, guess it’s nothing to be surprised about.

Although she does not have any boyfriend at the moment it is highly unlikely that she had remained single for this long. At least we know what she likes in a guy. According to an interview, she has revealed that she wants to date a guy who is fit and takes pride in his appearance.

 “Your clothes should also fit well and you should know how to dress appropriately for different scenarios. Some might call this metrosexual; I just call it handsome.” At least she does not hold back on what she wants.

Similarly, she also disclosed that she loves people who are funny and would approach her alone instead of a group. She also stated that she loves guys who would make her feel comfortable.

Joanne Nosuchinsky in The Greg Gutfeld Show                                                                                                      Source: insider.foxnews.com

Despite being clear on what sort of characteristics Joanne searches from her potential boyfriend, it seems she still has not found her type yet.

Being such a big fan of Broadway she states that dinner and Broadway show might be the best idea for her date. Similarly, Joanne has also stated that she would love to receive a hand written letter, poem rather than technological stuff like email.

Now, Guys! You know what you have to do and what you have to be. Take everything she said into consideration and try out you luck.

All we know is that she has never been married or divorced yet. And clearly not a lesbian, tough luck girls!

Miss New York USA 2013 sure has that looks that everyone admires. She has an average height standing at 5 feet 5 inches and her body measures at 35-24-35. Going by her looks, Joanne is one hot looking babe. In order to maintain her perfectly toned body, she goes to the gym to keep herself in shape.

Panelist and a political news host Joanne have much more up her sleeves. Starring in Fox New’s comedy and politics show The Greg Gutfeld Show alongside Katherine Timpf, she has garnered much fame and popularity from that show. Her performance is widely appraised.

Despite being her first beauty pageant Joanne was able to win Miss New York USA without any coach or Sponsor. Not only was she able to astonish every single judge out there but also her own parents who were not so confident about their daughter.

Now, that she is one of the successful Fox girls, her career seems only be going upwards. She has not mentioned her financial status and it seems she wants to keep it that way. Her net worth has not yet been disclosed but her salary is estimated to be around $350,000 annually. Popularity wise, she is followed by  55 thousand followers on Twitter and around 21 thousand on Instagram.