Who is Jimmy Garoppolo? Is he still Single or Married? Know about his Affairs and Relationship

Although personal details about Jimmy Garoppolo are not easily known, at least we were able to gather some important facts regarding his personal life. So stay with us if you, especially his ladies fans want to know if he is dating or not.


Last year his name was linked to a girl. So was he really dating her or is currently single or engaged? Just wait no more. We present you with all the details here.

Jimmy Garoppolo Said He is Single

In January 2016, a picture of New England Patriots backup Quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo with a girl was shared by a girl. The girl who called herself Summer had claimed that she had indeed spent some time with the handsome player.

Jimmy barely had any clothes on him whereas Summer was in a two-piece in the picture and no doubt the picture suggested that they might be getting somewhere.

[ CAPTION: Jimmy-Garropolo-spotted-with-the-alleged-girl,-Summer ][ SOURCE: Terez Owens]

Some said that she was his girlfriend while others argued that she just wanted people to think her as his girlfriend. We will not know this ever as the argument was left undecided. The later could also be possible as many girls are so desperate to get the WAG title that they will go any length for this.

There were further many Twitter comments from this girl that will make anyone think that she might just be his die-hard fan. Her name in the Twitter account was clotheshorse54.

[ CAPTION: Twitter posts from the alleged girl, Summer ][ SOURCE: Terez Owens ]

The real story behind the picture was neither revealed nor the identity of the alleged girl. Nonetheless, the 25-year-old player might have spent some time with the girl but if he was seriously dating her, we will never know.

A few months later after the incident, the San Francisco 49ers player told that he did not have a girlfriend. He told,

No girlfriend, single right now. ... All in good time, you can’t force those things.

[ CAPTION: Jimmy Garropolo shows his cute smile with a dimple ][ SOURCE: SFGate ]

As far as sources confirm, the cute player with a killer dimple smile, Jimmy Garoppolo turns out to be single.  Not only this, another source has claimed that Jimmy is the nation's one of the most eligible football star bachelor.  

 So ladies, rejoice in the news for now. Not only that you could have a chance. Just look out for any chances of meeting him. Garoppolo is reported to be a free agent by the end of this seasons yet the Patriots still have not explained what they have in store for him.