Who is Jacob Anderson dating? Is he gay?

April 1, 2016
First published on:April 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Who is our popular Game of Thrones cast Jacob Anderson dating? Is he gay? Let’s find out.

No, definitely not. He is not gay. He has been in a romantic relationship with actress Aisling Loftus since 2011. Jacob has to say that he has found the love of his life and they might be planning to get married by the end of this year.

The couple usually attends their formal shows and premieres together. It is not a big deal to spot them together shopping and in  a sushi dinner. You can also find them posing for a couple photo. Hey! Do to forget to check for his shirtless snaps, they are really sexy!

In an interview to ‘The Sun’ with his girlfriend Loftus, she has cleared that she and her boyfriend Jacob are far from insecurities and cross affair. There she shared when she had to have a lip-lock scene with hunky Henri Leclair, most of her female friend were jealous. It was lie they were burning that she got to kiss that handsome and they were all out of luck.

“When I told my friends about the kiss they were all sick with jealousy”, she said. She further added “Luckily my boyfriend isn’t jealous. We are totally loved-up and way past all that insecurity c***.”

From this statement of hers, do we need to explain their bond as a couple? We don’t think so.

However, some sites have also mentioned that Jacob is single right now but we have not heard of the couple breaking up yet. Hence, they might be dating as of now.

Apart from his dating issues, he has swung his career very high at this young age of 25. He says that his music and acting career are complementary to each other. Recently, he has come out with his debut album ‘You're a Man Now, Boy’ which was released on February 26th 2016. Most of the songs from this album have been successful to rule over the stereos in UK.

Talking about his movie performances, some of his hit movies include Offender, Demons Never Die, Comedown, Adulthood and Chatroom. He also has appeared in many TV shows.

Jacob is not just an actor or singer, he also likes to be a social activist. He talks about gender equality to News wire. “Gender equality should be talked about far more than it currently is ... it doesn't make sense that women and men don't have equal rights”, he said.

His close friends have to say that Jacob is a person who is really into music but also wants to be rebel to bring change in the society.

Well, good luck from our side for whatever you would like to do.

The estimated net worth of the actor is $8 million.

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