Who is ITV Weather girl Lucy Verasamy dating? and more about the hot weather girl

July 21, 2015
First published on:July 21, 2015
by HitBerry

There are hundreds of thousands of people who would do anything to meet Lucy Verasamy. Nobody has been able to resist the beauty and charm of this extremely talented and beautiful weathergirl. It’s not a secret that people most especially men fantasize about her and eagerly wait for Verasamy to appear on the TV screen with weather updates. And why wouldn’t they? After all she is one of the sexiest woman alive, isn’t she?

There are rarely a few people who do not know Lucy Versamy but those of you who haven’t heard about her previously, here are some important and interesting information about her that you would surely love.

Verasamy is an English weather forecaster who is currently works for ITV Weather. She joined the ITV Network in 2012 but before joining the network, she worked for various other media network. She has worked at the Sky Weather Centre and Sky Channel.

She attended Silfield Primary School and Framlingham College Junior School Suffolk and King Edward VII School in Norfolk. She studied A-Level Geography and graduated with a BSc Honors degree in Geography and Earth Science from Brunel University in 2001.

After graduation Verasamy started working at the Press Association’s weather center for four years as a forecaster and writing forecasts for newspapers and scripts for radio.

Verasamy joined Sky channel as a weather forecaster with her previous work experience placement at the Sky Weather Centre. She became the regular weather presenter on the Sky News breakfast show Sunrise. The Sky News website started a feature entitled Climate Clinic - Ask Lucy as part of their Green Britain campaign in 2007 where Verasamy answered questions put forward by members of the public regarding climate change. She also regularly wrote blog for the Sky News' The Weather Girls blog.

Later in 2010, she became part of the newly launched ITV Breakfast programme Daybreak. She joined as a weather forecaster and environment correspondent, alongside Kirsty McCabe. On February 2012, after the departure of her co-host McCabe, Verasamy became the sole weather forecaster. On August 2012, Verasamy also left the programme later fronting the national weather forecasts for ITV.

Verasamy is a trained meteorologist and she regularly presents the weather bulletins on ITV these days. She has provided context and analysis of several weather stories of the last few years. Most remarkable being the coverage of Hurricane Katrina, Iceland Ash cloud threat and extreme weather events in the UK. She regularly updates photographs and weather reports in her Twitter handle and Instagram.

Verasamy is usually famous for her sexy stature and long slender legs. She was even nicknamed Lucy Verytightskirt when she was on Sky News. She wore body fitting skirts during the weather forecasting and she won the unofficial title of the sexiest weather forecaster of all time.

Her glam fit body might have been eyed enviously by many but it has also become a cause for embarrassment for the 34 year old.

Back in 2010 while filming the Daybreak,  she was going through a summary of cold air which was making its way towards the UK from Sweden, she was unaware that the arrows on the map were pointing directly towards her vitals. She turned red-faced for a moment for later posed mischievously making her colleagues laugh.

Now you might be wondering who this famous and elegant weather reporter must be dating but there is no information about her boyfriend or husband. Looks like she likes to keep her personal life all hushed up. So her die-hard fans would be happy to learn that she is not married to anyone and she hasn't had any plans of starting a family anytime soon.


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