Who is Hot & Sexy Bikini Model Sofia Jamora Dating Currently? Disclose her Relationship Status

These days we get to hear about the relationship of people in small age. The 20 years' old sexy model Sofia Jamora who came into the spotlight at a young age has been rumored to be dating a guy.


Sofia Jamora is a famous bikini model who is one of the most surfed internet personality as she gained fame through her sexy body. With her beauty, lots of males want to take her on a date but who is she dating? To know all this, scroll down to this article.

Who is Sofia Jamora Dating?

Being at the age of 20, everyone would think one will be in a relationship. Well, if we talk about the model Sofia's personal life, then it's like a top-secret recipe. Scanning through her Instagram it seems like she is she is not involved in any kind of relationship and busy in her profession.

CAPTION: Sofia Jamora SOURCE: Instagram

Though there are fewer headlines regarding Sofia Jamora's personal life, her social media says a different story. In one of her posts, she is seen with a guy, Angel Alvarado.

CAPTION: Sofia Jamora with Angel Alvarado SOURCE: Instagram

After looking at the picture of her with the stylish, Angel Alvarado it seems like they are only friends, isn't it? But after we go through the Instagram of Angel we can find a lot of pictures of Sofia Jamora. One of his posts has made us think about their relationship. 

CAPTION: Angel Alvarado post SOURCE: Instagram

In the above post, Angel has posted a picture of Sofia with a caption saying "yesterday with my love". But we cannot be sure about their relationship as they have not officially announced their relationship. As one of them is a model and the other is a stylist their closeness might only be because of their work or their friendship. 

Sofia Jamora busy with her beau

Although we are not so much sure about their relationship, in Angel's Instagram almost all post is regarding his and Sofia's. As per his Instagram, they use to spent most of the time together. Even in one of the pictures of them, Angel has captioned it with "On Tour". 

CAPTION: Sofia Jamora on a tour with Angel Alvarado SOURCE: Instagram

Well, nothing is sure about this relationship as none of them has revealed anything about their relationships status. They might be colleagues as Sofia is a model and Angel is a stylist. So, let's wait and watch what happens next in their relationship.