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Who is Gus Kamp? Know about his affairs and relationships

June 1, 2017
First published on:June 1, 2017
by HitBerry

Gus Kamp is an actor who is turning 18 this July and he already earned such huge fan followers. Here, let's reveal Gus kamp's affairs and all the relationships.

But there's so much more that is fascinating about him than just dating and relations. On deck, get to know him even more.

Gus Kamp's affairs and relationships

The famous Best Friend Whenever actor Gus recently linked him up with his new girlfriend after remaining in a long-term relation with his first girlfriend. According to the source, Gus is currently dating Erin Murray; met in the summer of 2016 at The Young Actor's Studio.

Emerging American actor Gus Kamp Emerging American actor Gus Kamp, Source:

Actor Gus Kamp and his alleged girlfriend Erin Murray Actor Gus Kamp and his alleged girlfriend Erin Murray, Source:

Well, it's just a rumor, and we can tell you that none of the official sites confirmed their relation and they neither falsified it.  It started to swirl around the web after the young actor posted some Instagram pictures with his alleged girlfriend, Erin about a year ago.

After the rumors, the couple was spotted together more often. They first appeared at the 'Pete's Dragon' premiere last summer and posted a sweet collage of their photos on his Instagram.

Erin and Gus together at the 'Pete's Dragon' premiere Erin and Gus together at the 'Pete's Dragon' premiere, Source:

Know more about Gus Kamp's previous affairs too

Before Gus started his relation with his current girlfriend, Erin, he remained in a long time relationship with his first girlfriend, Charlene Geisler. The young and dashing actor Gus met Charlene back in 2013 and soon after he started dating her.

Actor Gus Kamp and his ex-girlfriend Charlene Geisler Actor Gus Kamp and his ex-girlfriend Charlene Geisler, Source:

After dating the YouTube star Charlene for over three years, Gus broke up with her last year. The reason behind their bitter break up is not revealed yet. However, some sites cited it as an irreconcilable matter. Throughout their relation, Gus featured on her YouTube channel several times, but sadly we don't get to see that now.