Who is Grey's Anatomy actress Jerrika Hinton dating? Does she have a secret boyfriend?

Jerrika Hinton, known for being part of Grey’s Anatomy has had a very sober dating life so far. It has been rumored that she might be having a secret boyfriend. However there has been no substantial evidence to suggest or prove any of it.

It has been suggested that currently she might not have a man in her life due to her busy work schedule. She is currently pre occupied with two under production TV series. Jerrika has never before been linked to any person on a solid context.

All of her relationships have been somewhat of an under the radar thing. She has meticulously managed to separate her personal life from her celebrity status. Jerrika however in the past has been known to have several boyfriends and numerous relationships but not one of them have hit the front pages as they remain to be a very quiet and private affair.

We do know that she has not yet married and not considered any person as husband material. It has been rumored that her dating life usually spans a while and are not spontaneous. Jerrkia has also not yet children so far and there has not been reported of being pregnant.

Her professional life on the other hand is on the rise as she will be featuring in the upcoming highly anticipated movie “Odious”. Over the years she has played in a lot of movies out of which some worth mentioning happen to be “Rain”, “Broken Angel” and “Teacher of the Year”.

However she has found more success on TV shows and series. She has had numerous cameo appearances in popular shows like “Scandal”, “Bones” and “Mad Love”. She is also a series regular and part of the core cast in “Grey’s Anatomy”. She is currently working on an upcoming TV show titled “Toast”.

She has been cast as the lead character in the show and it has been suggested that the show will most likely be made into TV show. It has also been acknowledged that even if her show is made she will continue on being a series regular at “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Jerrika has also said that she is considering doing more movies in the coming years as she has a keen interest in the particular field. She is also awaiting the release of the movie “Odious”. After being cast as the lead she has shared that she has found new found confidence within her and beliefs she can accomplish much and more now.

Jerrika’s net worth remains to be undisclosed. She stands at a height of 5’4” (1.63m). She is thirty four years of age. She is also a popular figure among Grey’s Anatomy fans and is widely followed on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.